Permits for Self-employed Persons (non-EU/EEA Citizens)

Danish residence cards must now contain biometrics (digital photograph & signature and fingerprints of 10 fingers) and all applications for a Danish residence permit must therefore be handed in in person at a VFS Office:
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VFS is the Embassy of Denmark's outsourcing partner for visas and residence permits. When you hand in your application, VFS will record your biometrics at the same time.

Children under 6 (age 6 minus 1 day) are not required to give fingerprints.

Please note the following

  • You will require a "Case Order ID" (obtainable online) and pay a fee (payable online) before submitting your application to VFS. The application fee is payable to the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment in addition to the VFS service charge and fee charged by the Embassy. Please see the website of the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment for further information: Fees

Applications should normally be made in your home country or in the country where you are currently residing.

Please visit the website of the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment for general information on residence and work permits for self-employed persons (non-EU/EEA nationals).

Further information about working in Denmark is available from:

Please follow the guidelines below:

The application form is AR2 Application for residence and work permit for self-employed persons (non-EU/EEA citizens). Accompanying family members should complete form FA8  Application for residence and work permit for family members of a foreign national who is to work or study in Denmark.

  • Please read the guidelines on the front of the form “How to apply” carefully before making an application, state your Case Order ID and provide refund information in the appropriate boxes on the form,
    enclose payment receipt with your application.
  • Please note that if you have not obtained a Case Order ID and made the payment online before you submit your application, the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment may reject your application.

The following is required for an application:

  1. 1 completed application form AR2 (please see guidelines “How to apply” on the front of the application). Both forms must be identical. Please provide your
    UK contact details
    : address, mobile telephone number and
    e-mail address.
  2. Passport (copies of all passport pages are accepted).
  3. Documentation for CVR registration (in the central company register of the Danish Commerce and Company Agency).
  4. Annual report or budget (preferably reviewed by an accountant).
  5. Documentation for equity interest or company equity.
  6. Business plan, which includes type of business, innovative aspects of company or prospects for growth, including expected number of workplaces.
  7. Documentation for any partnerships with or other form of support from Danish companies.
  8. Documentation for any contracts or other agreement you have entered into.
  9. Documentation for relevant training/education, previous experience as a self-employed person and/or work experience from the field in question.
  10. Documentation for personal capital (e.g. bank statements).
  11. Documentation for relevant authorisation (only applicable if the job/running of the company requires a Danish authorisation).
  12. Non-refundable fee of £165.00 per applicant. Accompanying family members£165.00 per application (children under 18 included in the application are free of charge). Family members of EU/EEA nationals are free of charge (copy of EU/EEA national's passport and Marriage Certificate required).