Additional Services

In the Visa Centre of Finland you can find the below mentioned additional services:

  • Courier Service

    Passport delivery to home/business addresses through Blue Dart by paying a nominal additional charge 300-INR per application).

  • Photocopying service

    Photocopying service is also available at visa application centers.

  • Photo booth service

    Applicants can have their photograph taken at the Visa Application Centre. This service can be used for an extra fee of 170-INR for 6 passport size photographs.

  • Internet Kiosk

    Applicants can use Internet and have their documents printed online at the Visa Application Centre.

    Internet usage starts at 21-INR registration and 21-INR per minute usage time.

    Online Documents can be printed for 2-INR per page – (Black and White copies only).

  • Premium lounge 2000-INR per person
  • Video interviewing 2640-INR per call
  • SMS Service 81-INR per Application