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Long Stay Visa

The long stay visa is a national visa that entitles the holder to live in France for more than three months for study, work, family reunion purposes, etc. As the holder of a long stay French visa, you may move freely throughout the Schengen Area for its entire period of validity.


There are three types of fees that can be paid by a visa applicant:

VFS Global basic service charge must be paid online in order to schedule an appointment. It is not refundable in case you missed your appointment.

  • VFS Global additional or optional service charges
  • VISA fees paid in cash only at the time of the visa application submission.

Note that Visa and VFS Global fees are not refundable in case the visa is denied.

All applications processed from Al Khobar Visa Application Centre will have be charged of additional 80 SAR due to transportation fees of the applications to and from Riyadh.

pdf_img Download Visa Fees List
pdf_img Download VFS Additional Service Fees List

Documents Required

The long stay visa is not a Schengen visa but a national visa that authorizes you to live in France for more than 3 months (to study, work, for family reunification etc...). It is a visa for establishment in France.

Required documents for a long stay visa (more than 3 months):

pdf_img Long stay visa application form
pdf_img OFII Form

pdf_img Checklist for a long stay visitor
pdf_img Checklist for student long stay
pdf_img For minor student : Parent’s Authorization Form
and Financial support form
pdf_img Checklist for Spouse of French citizen
pdf_img Checklist for ascendant of French citizen or his foreign spouse
pdf_img Checklist for Employee on Assignment in France (Cerfa Form 15188*01)
pdf_img Checklist for Refugees Family reunification
pdf_img Checklist for Medical Studies for Saudi Doctors

Before applying for a student visa, please read the details about the procedure to apply to study in France: click here.

If you are issued a long stay visa, please have a look at the administrative formalities you must carry out upon arrival in France and get a residence permit.

You don't need to Book An Appointment at the VFS Center for Long Stay Visa. Go directly to the VFS Application Centre in Riyadh or in Al Khobar in order to submit your visa application.

Processing Time

According to your nationality and the visa category, the waiting time for application examination may be longer. For more information, you can contact us at:

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