Application for a dutch passport and ID card


On 5 September 2016 the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started a pilot to improve consular services to Dutch nationals abroad, by enabling Dutch nationals to apply for a Dutch travel document at the VFS Global office in Edinburgh.

As the pilot has proven successful so far, the pilot has now been prolonged.

Until 1 June 2017 Dutch nationals could make an appointment for the renewal of a Dutch passport or identity card only. We are happy to announce that as of 17 July 2017 the VFS Global Office in Edinburgh will also accept first applications for a Dutch passport or identity card. As of this date, you can also apply for a new Dutch passport or identity card if your previously issued Dutch travel document is lost or stolen.

Please note this is an optional service for which an additional service fee will be charged by VFS and is only available at the VFS Global Office in Edinburgh at:

1 Rennie’s Isle, Leith
Edinburgh EH6 6QT

If you do not wish to pay the additional service fee charged by VFS, you are kindly advised to book an appointment at the Dutch Embassy in London.

Before booking an appointment, all applicants are requested to first visit the website of the Netherlands worldwide to check the eligibility and document requirements. To consult this website in the Dutch language, please click here.



Please note that the VFS Global Office in Edinburgh offers an additional optional service for Dutch nationals to apply for a Dutch Passport or Identity Card in Edinburgh. VFS charges an extra service fee for this service, to be paid by the applicant.


  1. For the official fees charged by the Dutch government for the processing of your application, click here.
  2. VFS charges an additional service fee of GBP 24,- (inclusive of VAT) per application.


  • An optional Special Delivery facility for the return of passports is available at an additional service fee of GBP 14,95 (inclusive of VAT) per application.
    Royal Mail envelopes are not accepted.
  • An optional SMS facility for updates on your application is available at an additional fee of GBP 1,95 (inclusive of VAT) per application.

Documents Required

At your appointment, you are required to submit the following:

  1. A fully completed and signed passport application form.
      Complete the form online (this site is in Dutch) and print it out.
      Or print the form (PDF, 222 KB) (in Dutch) and complete it in pen.
      An English translation of this form is available, use this document as a guide to fill in your  
      Dutch application form.
  2. A passport photo.
    To ascertain the photo specifications for a Dutch travel document, please click here.
  3. The supporting documents mentioned in the checklist for your type of application.
    To ascertain the documents required, please click here.

    Please carefully select the applicable checklist of the document(s) you wish to apply for.
    You are required to submit the original documents and a complete set of photocopies.

Processing Time

It takes an average of three weeks to process an application. You may be asked to provide additional documents once you have submitted your application. In that case, processing may take four to eight weeks.

Please click Here to track your application.

Download Forms

To download the passport application form (only available in Dutch) please click here.

Click here for the English guide of the passport application form.

To download the required photo specifications, click here.

For a complete overview of the required documents for the type of document you wish to apply for, click here