Caribbean Visa


Dear applicants,

Effective 20 November 2017 all applicants who need Caribbean visa must apply directly to the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Visa Application Centre is not accepting this visa category anymore.

Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean

The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprises four countries: the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. In terms of geography, the Netherlands as a country is split into two: the Netherlands in Europe, and the Caribbean parts of the Netherlands. Schengen visa regulations only apply to the Netherlands in Europe.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean consists of the countries Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten and the three Dutch public bodies Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (sometimes shortened to BES or B.E.S.).

The terms ‘countries’, ‘Caribbean parts of the Netherlands’ and ‘Caribbean’ used in the application form and in this explanatory note refer to Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the B.E.S. ‘Embassy’, ‘consulate’ and ‘mission’ all refer to the missions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in third countries. Contact details are available at

This application form can be used to apply for a short stay visa/short stay Caribbean visa (up to 90 days of stay in a period of 180 days) for these countries only. The Caribbean visa is valid for the Caribbean only, i.e. it is not valid for the Netherlands in Europe.

For a stay exceeding 30 days in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten (e.g. in the case of relocation or work) a host in the Caribbean country in question will need to submit the application for you. If you wish to stay for more than 30 days in the B.E.S., you will need to apply for an authorization for temporary stay for the B.E.S. (‘MVV-B.E.S.’), using a form available from the embassy. You can, if you wish, submit this application to the Embassy yourself.

New Visa Sticker will be stamped in accordance to the new Caribbean Visa rules.
For further information please click here.

Who needs a visa for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean?

People with the Ukrainian nationality are required to have a visa when entering the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean.

Processing an application for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean takes, in principle, 10 calendar days. However, the procedure may take up to two or more weeks. There is only one type of visa for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean, a visitor's visa, with a maximum stay of 30 days (single or multiple entries). If a longer stay is required, the applicant should notify the local police on the island immediately after arrival. If a stay of longer than 30 days is intended this should also be clearly mentioned in the application form.

The visa is one of the conditions to get access to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. When crossing the border you may be asked to supply the controlling officer with original documents that provide proof of your financial means, of insurance against costs for medical treatment or repatriation, of the purpose of your travel, length of stay, accommodation, etc.

The following categories of people are exempted from the visa requirement:

  • holders of a valid residence permit for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland or the Schengen area
  • holders of a valid visa or residence permit for the French part of St Maarten do not need a visa to Dutch part of St Maarten, but do require one for the other Caribbean parts of the Kingdom  
  • Aliens who have an authorisation to stay/residence permit for one or more of the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom valid for more than six months
  • holders of laissez-passer issued by the UN and/or its competent organizations
  • holders of a valid Schengen visa with multiple entries
  • holders of a valid multiple-entry visa for the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Passengers of cruise ships which moor at the island/in the country in question for a maximum of 48 hours (NB in Aruba, 24 hours)
  • captains or crew of civil ships or aircraft landing in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean for a single period of not more than 48 hours who do not constitute a threat to public order or security in the Netherlands Antilles;
  • A person who requires a visa who holds a certificate of right of return (terugkeerbewijs) for the Netherlands in the Caribbean

To download the complete list of nationalities not requiring a visa and exceptions, please click here.

If you travel with a child the separate set of documents has to be provided. The application form for minors has to be signed by both parents.

Please note that the Embassy does not return invitation letter after the assessment of the submitted documents. The applicants are advised to make a copy of the invitation letter and other required documents for crossing the border in advance.

Visa Fees

Visa Fee in Euros Visa Fee in UAH
35 1150

Service fees

Charge Type Amount (V.A.T. included) Remarks (if any)
Service Fee per applicant 26,20 € (Please, use the following link to view the effective service fee in UAH) Payable in cash (Hryvnia) for each application
Courier Fee UAH 150 Optional Service
SMS Service UAH 30 Optional Service
Visa Application Form Filling service UAH 75 Optional Service
Photocopy UAH 2,50 Optional Service

Visa fee: All applicants applying for Caribbean Visa irrespective of their nationality have to pay for the visa fees of 35 €. Only children under the age of 6 are considered Visa Fees Gratis.

All fees listed above are non-refundable and may only be paid in cash in Ukrainian Hryvnia at the cashier desk at the Visa Application Center.
The handling fees can change without prior notice.

Documents Required

Dear applicants,

Effective 20 November 2017 all applicants who need Caribbean visa must apply directly to the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Visa Application Centre is not accepting this visa category anymore.

You are requested to hand in the following documents:

  • One application form completed in English or Dutch only and signed by the applicant. The application form for minors has to be signed by both parents.
  • Two recent and resembling passport sized (35 mm x 45 mm) colour photographs.
  • An international passport or official travel document which is valid for all Schengen countries. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages to affix the visa and be valid at least three months after your scheduled return. Please submit all information pages (contained visas, stamps, other remarks) of the passport. The applicant must also present all other valid or/and expired passports, if available. Please also submit the photocopy of all international passports (information pages only).

    Important note: The visa will only be issued in the biometric passports or the last passports issued to the applicant. Old passports will not be accepted although these passports are still valid.

  • For applicants with a different nationality except Ukrainian and Belarusian: residence permit for Ukraine with a validity of at least three months after your scheduled return including its photocopy.
  • Photocopy of all information pages of the interior passport. For minors: original birth certificate + its photocopy.
  • Travel medical insurance covering the entire period of the intended stay, valid for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgency medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 EUR in accordance with the art. 15.2 of the Visa Code, for applicants receiving visas for multiple entries, the insurance only needs to cover the first trip.
  • Confirmed hotel reservation for the whole period of intended stay
  • Invitation from the host at the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean
  • Return flight reservation
  • Documents mentioned below has to be prepared in English or has to be translated into English:
    • Employees must submit a recent employer’s statement confirming date of entering into service, salary, the reason and duration of absence.
    • Private businessmen must submit a photocopy of the registration of the company instead.
    • Applicants who are unemployed and are not registered as private entrepreneur must mention this clearly in the application form.
    • Students need to submit a recent statement or certificate from the University with permission of absence and a copy of the student ID.
    • Pensioners need to submit pensioner’s book and its photocopy.
  • Proof of solvency, USD 150-200 per person per day can be proven by the bank statements showing transactions for the last three months not older than fourteen business days. The statement has to be prepared in English only. The statements which are prepared in other languages will not be considered, even translated.

For minors under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by both parents the following documents have to be submitted:

  • original notarized parental consent and its photocopy;
  • original birth certificate and its photocopy;
  • photocopy of parents’ passports.

Other evidence

The employment certificate and the invitation must be prepared in English or Dutch, or submitted along with translation.

Visa applicants are not advised to make any final travel bookings (tickets; hotel reservations, ect.) until the requested visa has been issued. The Embassy and the Visa Application Center cannot be held liable for any costs of travel bookings in case the visa has not been issued or has not been issued in time.

Photo Specifications

A photograph submitted with the application for a visa or residence/work permit should comply with the following specifications:

  • Must be an up-to-date photograph (preferably max 6 month old)
  • Must be a color photograph printed on normal photographic paper
  • Should be passport sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • Full face taken straight forward 30 - 36 mm from point of the chin to head of hair
  • Taken against a light background
  • Without sunglasses
  • Without hat or other head covering unless you wear this for religious reasons
  • Spectacles should not have toned or reflecting glasses
  • The frame of the spectacles may not cover the eyes
  • The mouth must be shut

For further details with samples click here.

Please note that photographs should meet the above specifications.

Processing Time

In general an application, once accepted by the V.A.C., takes 10 calendar days. Maximum omission time is 4 weeks.

In some cases the processing time may take longer:

  • Consultation: for some nationalities other Schengen countries need to be consulted before issuing visa. This consultation process may take up to two weeks, sometimes longer;
  • Forwarding visa applications to national services (Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Immigration and Naturalization Service): if applications have to be forwarded to the Netherlands for further enquiry, the processing time may even take up to 2 months.

Decision on the application for applicants who do not benefit from the Visa Facilitation Agreement

  1. Applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days of the date of the lodging of an application which is admissible in accordance with Article 19.
  2. That period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days in individual cases, notably when further scrutiny of the application is needed or in cases of representation where the authorities of the represented Member State are consulted.
  3. Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.
  4. Unless the application has been withdrawn, a decision shall be taken to:
    1. issue a uniform visa in accordance with Article 24;
    2. issue a visa with limited territorial validity in accordance with Article 25;
    3. refuse a visa in accordance with Article 32; or
    4. discontinue the examination of the application and transfer it to the relevant authorities of the represented Member State in accordance with Article 8(2).

Please note when you make use of the courier service, the courier delivery may take from 1 to 5 days after the documents have been handed over to TMM.

Download Forms

Application Form must be completed online in English or Dutch only and signed by the applicant.

Please note that application form for Schengen visa should be signed twice. Application forms with one signature would not be accepted.

Please complete Online application form for a Schengen visa on the Dutch MFA website.

The Visa Application Centre is providing the Form Filling service for the convenience of the applicants at the centre. The service is purely optional. Cost of this service is 75 UAH. Please contact the VAC staff to know more about the Form Filling service.

Please click here to download the latest list of approved insurance companies.

Please download and fill the Personal Data Information Agreement. The Personal Data Information Agreement is also available at the Visa Application Centers. To download Personal Data Information Agreement, please click here.

Please note that application without Personal Data Information Agreement would not be accepted.