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National Visa (D type / long stay)

If you are planning a longer stay in Poland (more than 90 days in 180), you need to apply for a long term visa. The long term visas applications can be submitted at the Visa Application Centre or at the Consulate General of Poland in Ukraine. In order to submit the visa application at the Visa Application Centre, please Schedule an appointment online or via Call Centre.

Applicants applying for this visa category must provide documents that confirm the fact that they fall under this category. Applicants are expected to visit the Application Centre themselves to submit their application. If application for some reason cannot be submitted by the applicant him/herself, it may be submitted by parents for children below 12 (in case birth certificate is provided).

Note, there is no possibility to apply as an accompanying person to applicant who plan to work in Poland not more than 180 days per year.

Please pay attention that at Odessa Poland Visa Application Center there is no possibility to apply on the base of “Karta Polaka”. Such kind of applicants have to apply directly at the General Consulate of Poland in Odessa.

Note: Visa Application Centers in Ukraine accepts applications for D visa only based on the legal registration in internal passport. To learn more please click here

Please be advised that in accordance with EU Regulation No 265/2010 of the European Parliament and Council amending the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement and Regulation (EC) No 562/2006 as regards movement of persons with long-stay visa:

  • All visas entitle D give a possibility to move around the Schengen area for 90 days in any period of 180 days - similar to titles of residence.
  • Member States may issue a visa D up to the annual period of validity.


This procedure applies to persons traveling to EU member state different than the Member State whose nationality has a family member or resident in that Member State.

The visa application is free. Family members of an EU / Switzerland can apply directly to the Consulate of Poland in Ukraine and the Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Kiev without the registration (from 9.00-12.00).

  1. EU citizen is a national of a Member State, a national of a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

    • Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), a citizen of Switzerland.

  2. A family member of the EU are:

    1. husband / wife
    2. partner with whom the EU citizen has contracted Partnership, under the law of the Member State if the law of the host Member State recognizes the equivalence between registered partnerships and marriage
    3. a child under 21 who is dependent on the EU citizen or husband / wife or partner
    4. fathers who are dependent on the EU citizen or husband / wife or partner
  3. For visa application should submit the following documents:

    1. printed and signed application form filled in on an electronic page: and paper photo
    2. valid passport
    3. documents proving kinship described in para. 2
    4. document confirming support or join the EU citizen (eg, a written statement from an EU citizen).
  4. The refusal of a visa:

    In issuing prophetic may be refused in the following cases:

    1. inviting person listed in the list of foreigners whose stay in Poland is undesirable or stay of the person in Poland may pose a threat to national defense or national security or of public order and public security or public health.
    2. The decision to refuse the visa is taken administratively. Appeal against a decision to refuse directed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Legal basis:

Condition of 14 July 2006 on the territory of Poland entry, stay and departure from the territory of the individuals who have the citizenship of Member States and their families, which is used in accordance with Directive 2004/38 of the European Parliament i of the Council of 29 April 2006 p, in the case of rights of citizens of the Union and their families to free movement in the territory of the Member states.


All the applicants applying for a visa to Poland need to provide Travel Insurance that meets following requirements, and also to give the second part of the insurance contract "General terms of insurance":

  • insurance coverage should be minimum € 30,000 and valid in all EU countries (insurance covers all expenses that may arise during stay in this territory due to the need to travel back for medical reasons, the need for urgent medical care, emergency hospital treatment or death.
  • franchise not more than 150 € (0 or 50 €).
  • Insurance should contain: personal data of the applicant purchased insurance or number of insurance policy, address, international passport number and date of birth.
  • Insurance policy should be provided with a bank payment receipt containing information about personal data of the applicant or insurance number.
  • The insurance coverage is expected to include: Urgent medical treatment, Emergency admission to hospital, Repatriation.
  • Medical Insurance have to contain information: “Medical Insurance is provided in according to the Decision of EU Council 2004/17/EG Common Manual as regards inclusion of the requirement to be in possession of travel medical insurance as one of the supporting documents for the grant of a uniform entry visa”.
  • Medical insurance should cover all days of intended stay for all categories of National visa, except:

    • In case of applicants applying for a visa for work on basis of the document Oświadczenie or Zezwolenie medical insurance should cover at least 30 days.
    • In case of owners of Karta Polaka applying for a visa on this basis insurance is not required. However family members of the owners of Karta Polaka applying for a visa based on the invitation frm such relative should provide insurance as per requirements.
    • In case of schoolchildren / students / persons studying in Poland and who are not citizens of EU / EFTA countries, travel insurance should cover entire period of intended stay.
    • Purchasing of an insurance certificate issued by an insurance company, which is not belong to the financial capital group of one of the insurers established in EU Member States, may result in the necessity to provide additional documents confirming the credibility of the insurer.
  • Medical insurance must be printed it cannot be filled by hand.

Notification regarding travel medical insuranceclick here.

Click here for a list of Insurance companies registered and approved by EU