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VFS Global, Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.
Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.


Our business is built on the three pillars of Trust, Technique and Technology. This three-pronged approach enables us to maximise convenience and efficiency for both – our client governments as well as applicants.


At VFS Global, we acknowledge that gaining and maintaining the trust of our clients is critical to our success, and that is why it is a truly revered value for us. Our conduct, actions, and all our business dealings are designed to nurture and enhance the trust of our clients.

Trust comes from honouring our commitments and exceeding customer expectations continuously. To ensure the highest levels of business ethics and business performance, we invest heavily in security and other control systems, and fostering a work culture grounded in highest ethical and performance standards.


VFS Global is the most experienced company in its space, and is focussed exclusively on outsourcing and technology services business. This has resulted in the development of a robust technique and competency base which enables us to provide highly customised solutions to each client government.

Dedicated teams study the requirements of each client government before delivering optimal solutions. A strong quality management system ensures the highest standards in systems, processes and people. Our innovation team strives to continuously strengthen our existing competencies and develop new ones.


VFS Global has made major investments in development of technology to manage complex work-flows for large volumes of applications. We have developed proprietary software systems for passport tracking and data handling. Our technology support also extends to website development and, online appointment scheduling and payment systems.

VFS Global has partnered with the world’s leading IT companies to ensure compliance with security policies and with the performance standards set by client governments. Internal audits and reviews are conducted on our systems and processes by one of the top five audit firms to ensure high performance levels and business continuity at all times. The company also has an on-going programme to ensure security of information within various business processes, and quality and process improvement measures to ascertain all operations are ISO compliant.

By ensuring the highest possible levels of service and efficiency and committing to continuous process and technology upgrades, VFS Global has confirmed its position as the market leader in the field of consular services.

What started out as a single office in Mumbai, serving just one customer, has grown into an operation of global proportion and well could stake claim as the industry leader!


Brian Davidson
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

Hugh Keachie
Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

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