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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. 1. Where can I find information on whether a person needs a visa to travel to Australia?
All people seeking to travel to Australia from Sri Lanka require a visa. The Find a Visa is a tool which can help you select a visa that meets your requirements. You can find more information on visa options at the following websites: click here , www.srilanka.embassy.gov.au or VFS Website

Q. 2. Where do I find information on how to get a visa to work in Australia?
For information on whether you are able to obtain a visa that would allow you to work in Australia please visit the DIBP website

Q. 3. I am a skilled person and want to migrate to Australia, what do I have to do?
You may be able to make an application under the Skilled Migration visa program for Australia. For further information on this program please visit the DIBP website

Q. 4. Where can I get visa application forms?
You can download the forms from the DIBP website or VFS website.

Q. 5. What are the fees for an application for a visa?
For a list of fees, called Visa Application Charges (VAC), in Sri Lankan rupees for each application for a visa please go to the DIBP website or at VFS Website. Fees for applications are not refundable.

Q5A. How do I pay for my visa application
Visa fee payment should be made using a "Bank Draft". The bank drafts must be made payable to the ‘Australian High Commission’, be in Sri Lankan rupees and drawn against a Sri Lankan bank. Australian High Commission Colombo cannot accept bank drafts in Australian Dollars and also bank drafts drawn against an Australian bank or any other non Sri Lankan bank.

Q. 6. How do I lodge an application form?
Applications can be lodged in person with the Australian Visa Application Centre in Colombo (AVAC). All people lodging paper-based applications in Sri Lanka will be required to attend the AVAC and provide their biometrics.

If you live in the Maldives please refer to Question 17.

Q. 7. Where do I lodge my application for a visa to Australia?
You can lodge your visa application at the Australian Visa Application Centre, Colombo. Please check the ‘Contact Us’ link on the VFS website for the contact address. Applications that have been lodged and decided in Australia may be asked to provide your passport for evidencing. In order to do this please contact the Australian High Commission Colombo to arrange an appointment at : Colombo.integrity @dfat.gov.au

Q. 8. What must be lodged with an application for a visa?
You must lodge the correct application form which has been completed and signed by the applicant, together with the correct visa fee. For a list of the application forms and fees please visit the VFS website or the DIBP website .

Q. 9. Where do I find out what other documents I should lodge with an application for a visa?
The VFS website has document checklists available under each ‘Visa Type’ which provide information on what supporting documents you need to submit with your visa application.

Q. 10. Will I need to have a medical examination or a chest x-ray?
All applicants for a visa to Australia must meet health requirements. Whether you are required to undergo a chest xray, medical examination or provide a medical fitness certificate depends on:

1. How long you intend to stay in Australia
2. Your intended activities in Australia and
3.How old you are.

Please see the ‘Health and Character Requirements, Panel Doctors’ section of the VFS website for more information on Australia’s health requirements.

Q. 11. Will I be called for an interview?
If an interview is required you will be advised by an Australian visa officer after lodging the application.

Q. 12. How do I find out about the progress of an application for a visa?
Please do not telephone to find out about your application if it is within the usual processing times. Unnecessary inquiries delay the processing of all visa applications, including yours.

Email is the preferred method for essential inquiries regarding your visa application. You should email the Australian High Commission at immigration.colombo@dfat.gov.au. Please remember to quote your application number or Visa Lodgement Number (VLN) in your email.

Please note that Australian privacy legislation generally prevents the visa offices from disclosing information about visa applications to anyone other than the applicant. This means that if someone contacts the visa offices for you to inquire about your visa application, the visa office will not be able to provide them with any information unless you have provided the visa office with written authorisation to release information to the person.

Q. 13 What happens if a visa application is refused?
Reconsideration of a refused application for a visa by the Australian High Commission is not possible.

Certain applications may be reviewed by a review tribunal in Australia. The letter that advises an application has been refused will tell you whether the decision may be reviewed and provide details on how a valid application for review can be lodged.

Irrespective of a right of review, a fresh visa application may be made. Generally, unless new or additional information is provided to support the new application, it is unlikely a different outcome will be achieved.

Q. 14 Why was the application for a visa refused?
Visa applications are refused where a decision maker is not satisfied an applicant meets all legal requirements for the grant of a visa. If there is information addressing those refusal reasons or a change in circumstance since the previous application, you can lodge a new application along with the new or additional information.

VFS Global staff do not have the authority to assess visa applications or make visa decisions. The reasons for your refusal are outlined in the decision letter from the Australian High Commission.VFS Global is not made aware of either the decision made or the reasons for such decisions. VFS only arranges the forwarding of the decision to clients in envelopes sealed by the Australian High Commission.

Q. 15 Can an application for a visa that has been refused be reconsidered?
There is no legal basis for the AHC, Colombo, to reconsider an application once a decision has been made unless there has been an error of law.

Q. 16 How will the passport be returned?
The passport will be returned via courier to the address provided by you at the time of application or will be made available for collection from the Australian Visa Application Centre if requested.

Q. 17 I live in the Maldives - how can I lodge a visa application?
The Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Male has copies of visa application forms and may provide assistance to citizens of the Maldives in couriering applications to the Australian High Commission in Colombo.

Alternatively you can contact an international courier service in Male and have your application form and passport delivered to the Australian High Commission in Colombo at 21 Gregory’s Road Colombo 7. You will need to pay upfront all costs in relation to delivery and return of your application and passport.

Fees for your application must be paid by bank draft. The bank drafts must be made payable to the ‘Australian High Commission’, be in Sri Lankan rupees and drawn against a Sri Lankan bank. Australian High Commission Colombo cannot accept bank drafts in Australian Dollars and also bank drafts drawn against an Australian bank or any other non Sri Lankan bank.


Step 1
Select a visa subclass which is appropriate for the purpose of your travel to Australia and download the relevant visa application form.

Step 2
Your visa application may require supporting documentation. For a list of supporting documentation required for your visa, see checklists provided under Visa Types. Gather together the required supporting documentation for your application.

To avoid delays all supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of application.

Step 3
Organise payment of the visa fees in the form of a bank draft from a Sri Lankan bank.

Step 4
Make an appointment with the Australian AVAC to lodge your application and submit your biometrics

Step 5
Lodge your visa application and submit your biometrics at the AVAC. The Australian Visa Office may contact you to request additional information.

Apply early and travel on time