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Important information

  • VFS Global Visa Application Centers on 8th, 28th and 29th Floor of Trendy Building is the only authorized Visa servicing facility by the Embassies. VFS Global shall not be responsible/liable for any transactions that the applicant/ customer has with any Travel Agents or any other third party either in the building or outside who might claim to be authorized agents for Visa servicing or for VFS Global. Any applicant shall do such transaction/s at his/her/their own risk, cost and expenses. Requesting you to kindly contact the VFS Service/ Helpdesk either on the Ground Floor of the Trendy Building or write to us in details at - for further information or queries if any.
  • Important changes to the Transit Visa (Sub Class 771)  – from 1 July 2018

    From 1 July 2018, all Transit Visa applications must be lodged online, via ImmiAccount, applicants will longer have access to, or be able to lodge, paper applications for this visa.

    For more information on the Transit visa (Sub Class 771)   programme and documents you need to provide with your visa application, please click here

    Please Note-

    VFS Global can assist applicants by completing the data entry of an application and upload the supporting documents Online on their behalf under VFS Global’s Online IMMI Account by charging the approved rates. This service includes upload of the documents at the time of application and any subsequent documents as and when requested by the application processing authority only.
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here