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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.1 Am I required to submit my application in person at VFS Global Office?
Ans Yes, all applicants are required to submit their applications in person. Applications for minors under 12 years of age may be submitted by a parent or guardian who will need to provide a proof of identity to link parentage/guardianship to the minor applicant.
Q.2 How much do I need to pay for my Visa?
Ans Review the “Fees” section on this website to find out the fees you will need to pay. Your fees including service charges are calculated automatically once you complete your registration process. The confirmation letter you download and print out will have the exact fees you need to pay inclusive of all taxes.
Q.3 Where can I submit my application?
Ans Applications can be submitted at nearest VFS Global Office.
Q.4 Where can I find the application forms to be completed?
Ans Once you complete the Registration Process by clicking, “Apply Now” you will receive a download option to download and print the confirmation letter, application form and annexure A.
Q.5 I will mainly visit Latvia. Where do I get the Schengen-visa from?
Ans Some countries are authorized to issue the Schengen-visas also for other Schengen-member states. In Australia the Austrian Embassy also issues Schengen- visas for Latvia. This rule applies only for short stays (max. 90 days within 6 months period). Long stay visas have to be applied for directly though the relevant Embassy or Consulate of Latvia.
Q.6 I am visiting more than one Schengen-country. Where do I have to apply for my Schengen-visa?
Ans If you intend to visit several Schengen countries you have to apply for the visa of the country of your main destination. The main destination is determined by the length and purpose of your stay.
Q.7 I will be spending an equal amount of time in two or more Schengen-countries. Where do I have to apply for the visa?
Ans If no main destination of your trip can be determined (equal length and purpose of stay), the country where you will first enter into the Schengen region will have to issue your visa.
Q.8 What do I have to do if I have a valid Schengen visa issued by another Embassy but want to travel to Austria?
Ans If the validity of your visa is sufficient to cover your trip to Austria and allows multiple entries (if you will exit the Schengen-region between trips) you are able to travel to Austria as well.
Q.9 Does my Austrian Schengen visa allow me to visit other Schengen countries?
Ans Yes. During the validity of the Schengen-visa you can visit the entire Schengen-region, unless the visa was limited to one or more countries.
Q.10 If I travel through / travel to more than one Schengen country, do I require a multiple entry visa?
Ans No. You will require a multiple entry visa only if you leave and return to the Schengen Area on the same trip.
Q.11 How long is the processing time?
Ans The visa is usually processed within 5 - 15 working days after lodging a complete visa application.
Q.12 Does a Schengen visa guarantee entry into the Schengen area?
Ans No. Holders of Schengen visas are still subject to immigration controls and are not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries.
Q.13 I will travel to Austria in a few months’ time. Can I already apply for the relevant visa?
Visas in general can only be applied for up to 3 months prior to your entry into the country.
Q.14 I am a tourist in Australia. Can I still apply for an Austrian visa while in Australia?
Ans No. The Embassy can only process your visa application if you are currently residing in Australia.
Q.15 Do I have to provide originals of all supporting documents?
Ans Copies are usually acceptable unless the Embassy is allowed to retain the original. Check the Annexure to the visa application form for details of documents to be submitted in the original. Your passport must be submitted.
Q.16 I have booked my flight /travel insurance/hotel etc. over the internet and received an email as confirmation. Do you accept electronic documents?
Ans Yes. If no original document is issued (e-ticket etc.) the print-out of the electronic document will be accepted instead.
Q.17 How do I provide proof of sufficient financial means?
Ans You have to submit your latest and most up to date bank statement (and banking history- minimum 3 months history ) showing a positive balance or proof of income during your stay in Austria (payslips and letter from your employer regarding ongoing payment etc.). Please note that credit card statements (credit limit) are not accepted.
Q.18 I do not receive paper statements from my bank. Will a print-out of my online bank-statement be sufficient?
Ans Yes. However, the e-bank statement will have to hold an original stamp from your bank to confirm the authenticity of the document and has to show the name of the account holder.
Q.19 My passport is about to expire. Can the visa still be issued?
Ans No. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months on the date of departure from the Schengen area.
Q.20 My passport has run out of blank visa pages but I still have empty pages for endorsements etc. Can I apply for a visa?
Ans No. You need at least 2 blank visa-pages in your passport when applying for a visa. The visa sticker can only be placed on pages specifically reserved for visas.
Q.21 Can my passport be posted back to me?
Ans Yes. The process requires you to submit a self-addressed Express Post Platinum 500gm return envelope with your application.
Q.22 Can I have my passport back during the processing time?
Ans Yes this is possible in emergency situations. Call or email our contact centre to request a Interim Withdrawal. You will then be advised accordingly basis your specific circumstances.
Q.23 My husband/wife/children and I want to travel to Austria. Do all members of the family have to come in person?
Ans Yes. All applicants are required to submit their applications in person. Applications for minors under 12 years of age may be submitted by a parent or guardian who will need to provide a proof of identity to link parentage/guardianship to the minor applicant.
Q.24 What do I have to do if someone (private person) invites me to visit Austria?
Ans If you have enough financial means to support your trip your host in Austria can simply send an invitation letter (stating the length and purpose of stay, place of accommodation during the stay, name of host and invitee) together with a copy of his/her Austrian or EU passport (or foreign passport and Austrian visa) and the “Meldezettel ” to support your application.
Q.25 My trip to Austria will be sponsored by a friend/family member/company in Austria.
Ans If you do not have sufficient financial means to support your visa application an “Electronic guarantee letter“ (elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung) or “EVE” can be lodged by your host in Austria (for private and business). This service is free of charge and is provided by the local aliens police (or District Commission, Federal Police Directorate and at any police station in Vienna). Please contact the nearest police station for information on this EVE.

The EVE will be forwarded to the Austrian Embassy within 48 hours. No additional document from the host/guarantor will be required by the Embassy.
Q.26 My trip is sponsored by my employer in Australia. Do I still need to provide proof of sufficient financial means for my trip?
Ans No. If you provide an original letter from your employer to confirm that the expenses during your entire trip will be covered no additional financial means should be required. However, the Embassy might need to make consultations regarding your employer which might extend the processing time. To avoid delays it is therefore recommended to submit additional proof of your own financial means.
Q.27 What do I have to do if I am planning to attend a conference in Austria?
Ans Please provide a confirmation letter of your registration. If the organizer provides hotel accommodation and books your flight ask them to confirm this in writing.
Q.28 My Australia visa is not stamped on my passport, but I have the Electronic visa printout. Is that sufficient proof of my visa status in Australia?
Ans No. To prove your visa status in Australia, use the VEVO email service provided by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (http://www.immi.gov.au). Select “Check Visa Entitlements (VEVO)” and have a verification sent to info.ausau@vfshelpline.com . [The email has to be sent on the day you submit your application at the post office. Applications without VEVO confirmation cannot be accepted. (Not applicable for Australia and New Zealand nationals)]
Q.29 I am travelling from a Schengen country to a Non-Schengen country on this trip. To apply for a Schengen visa, do I require the visas for Non-Schengen countries, which I am also visiting on this trip, first to be issued on my passport?
Ans Yes. The visa for the destinations after the Schengen countries has to be obtained first if you do not return to a Schengen country. If you return from a Non-Schengen country to a Schengen country during your trip and return to your home country [or to a country for which no visa is required] from a Schengen country, the Schengen visas will be issued first.


Step 1
Click “All About Visas”. Please read all information in this section carefully before applying for a visa.

Step 2
Complete the registration process by clicking “Apply Now”.

Step 3
After successful registration, download and print your confirmation letter, application form and Annexure A [checklist].

Step 4
Complete your application form in black or blue ink and in bold letters. Sign the application form and Annexure A. For minors under 12 years of age, a parent or guardian have to sign on their behalf.<

Step 5
Gather all supporting documents required as per Annexure A. Please make sure that your application contains at least the following documents:

Return flight ticket or booking confirmation
Travel insurance
Accommodation booking OR invitation letter by host, their police registration and passport copy
Bank statements covering the last 3 months, stamped by your bank as evidence that you have sufficient funds for your trip.
A recent passport photograph meeting specifications must be pasted on your application form.

Step 6
Visit your nearest VFS Global office to submit your application. You MUST submit your application in person. For minors under 12 years of age, a parent or guardian may submit the application on their behalf.

You must carry with you:
Your confirmation letter
Your completed and signed application form
Your completed and signed Annexure A [checklist]
Your current passport
All required supporting documentation as per Annexure A

Your application must also include:

An Express Post Platinum 500gm satchel with your return address [no other type of return envelope is considered acceptable]

Step 7
If your application meets the above criteria, it will then be accepted for payment at the VFS Global office. You can pay the visa and service fees by credit card (Visa & Mastercard) only.

Step 8
To prove your visa status in Australia, use the VEVO email service provided by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (http://www.immi.gov.au).

Select “Check Visa Entitlements (VEVO)” and have a verification email sent to info.ausau@vfshelpline.com.

The email has to be sent on the day of your appointment before visiting the Visa Application Centre. Applications without VEVO confirmation cannot be accepted. (Not applicable for citizens of Australia and New Zealand).

Your VEVO statement MUST show that you are entitled to “multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa” and must be permitted to “arrive after” the date of your return to Australia following your proposed travel to the Schengen Area.

Step 9
Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for your visa to be processed. Your passport and visa will be returned to you in your self-addressed Express Post Platinum envelope.