Additional Services
The additional services given on this page are provided by visa service centres and the prices given are in addition to the visa application fee and service fee. These Optional additional services can be purchased at the visa application centre when you attend your appointment.

Availability of Services with charges
Sr. No Type of Services Charges (Inclusive of VAT @ 14%)
1 SMS $4.00
2 Photocopy ( Per page) $ 0.25
3 Photograph $ 6.50
4 local Courier home delivery Ecuador $ 18.00
5 Travel Insurance Please contact VAC for more info.
6 Mandatory courier service to La Paz, Bolivia $66.00
7 Urgent courier service to La Paz, Bolivia $100.00

At VFS Global, we constantly strive to offer a range of hi-end services to enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our constant and ongoing endeavor to add value to applicants’ experience, it is our privilege to offer the latest hi-tech SMS service, an express route to know the status of your visa application at your fingertips.

Easy to use, this revolutionary SMS service once purchased will launch an automated confirmation feedback message to the applicant’s mobile phone, at various stages of the visa application life-cycle. The service supports transfer of SMS in [[mention Language]] and assures an applicant of his/her equanimity, with convenience at their finger tip. Additionally, this user-friendly service will be followed up with an automated email message to the applicants email id informing them of the status of their Visa Application.

Explore the goodness of this valuable service, which can be purchased for (VAT inclusive), during the time of submission of the visa application form. Accordingly, the same can be filled before visiting the application centre, by visiting our website and downloading the form in the comfort of one’s home. Click Here to download the SMS application form.

Note: This value added service is available only in (Local SMS Only).

Please read the SMS Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.

You can get your original documents photocopied in the visa service centres, If you want to retain photocopy of any original document you submit.

If you want to get your photograph (as per photograph specification) clicked at the VAC then you have now an option to use this service at the VAC.

Applicants who wants personalized service and don’t want to wait for available appointments rather wants to submit application without appointment, now you have an option to opt for VIP service every day from 08h30 to 12h00. Other information:

This service is available in both the Visa application centres.
An exclusive premium service lounge
A personalized service and quick service

Applicants can now get their Visa Application Form filled-in at the Spain Visa Application Centre.


You have now an option to purchase Travel Medical Insurance at competitive prices either while you are the visa application centre to submit your application or online.

Purchase Options:

At the VAC: Contact Travel Ace Assistance desk to know more and purchase of travel medical insurance as per your travel plan.

Online: Purchase Travel Medical insurance before arriving to visa application Centre.

Other important information:
  This service will be offered by Travel Ace Assistance at the Visa application centre
  This service is purely optional in nature
  You will have to fill the consent form before purchasing the Insurance at the Visa application Centre
  Product information commercial
  The Travel and Health Insurance is operated by Travel Ace Assistance company and they have the sole responsibility of any claims or issues with the Insurance Policies


All applications will be send to Denmark´s Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia using both way courier service.


Using this service does not mean your visa application will be processed more quickly or that you will be issued a visa. Your visa application will be processed in the normal way by the Consular Department of the Embassy of the Spain in Ecuador and your visa application will need to meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules.