All About Visas
Steps to follow:

Step 1 : Access the Migration Service website in Denmark.
Each applicant for residency / long-stay visa MUST enter and download their form and requirements at click here
The Embassy of Denmark in Bogotá will be the one to process your application for a residence visa, if you would like more information please visit click here

The Embassy is taken as a minimum processing time 8 weeks, from the date of registration of your application at the Embassy, ​​and in some cases may delay more than this time, during this time cannot contact the embassy. For more information click here
Step 2 : Coordinate your appointment in our visa application center.

We inform you that your appointment must be PERSONALLY presented and your biometric data will be taken (fingerprints, facial recognition and electronic signature).
To get an appointment please email us at in Guayaquil or in Quito.

Step 3 : There are no "minimum" requirements because there are approximately 40 residence application forms for different reasons, you should consult click here The applicant is responsible for obtaining all the information and submitting the necessary documents.

The online filled-in form with "Case Order I.D" number (usually on page 3 of the form) must be printed in color and on one side only. (Must present proof of having made the payment online)

A photo of 4.5 cm. X 3.5 cm. In foreground, front, and colors with white background. The face should be 3 to 3.6 cm high from the chin to the beginning of the scalp.

A passport valid for at least three months after the end of your period of residence in Denmark

Color photocopies of your passport (s) from all pages that have visas or stamps including the covers, copies in a single sheet.
Step 4 : Take into account that you must make three payments:

One (online) directly in Denmark, which will allow you to obtain a case order ID and register that number normally on page 3 of the form (you must provide proof of having paid this online)
One visa fee payment
one for VFS Global services and Courier to Bogotá, these last two payments will be made in cash at VFS Global.

Step 5 : Once these procedures are completed, the pickup of the passport (s) must be coordinated with the company VFS Global.

Because there is a wide range of forms (depending on each case) for the application for residence in Denmark, neither the Embassy nor the VFS Global service providers can advise you on filling out forms and / or supporting documents.
On the other hand, a study visa implies that the interested person must master the English language and be able to correctly fill out the corresponding form and meet all the specific requirements.

On the day of your appointment you must pay in cash in our VAC the following amount for Fees:
Residency permits/ Studies/Long term $ 215.00




Your visa application will be sent to the Embassy of Bogotá, which will issue the corresponding resolution on it.