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Hours of Operations

Visa Application Center in Quito operates from Monday to Friday (except Holidays) between 07:30 and 13:30

Visa applications Center in Guayaquil operates from Monday to Friday (except Holidays) between 08:30 and 16:30

Visa Application Centres Address and Location Map


Av. República E6-449 y Eloy Alfaro, planta baja, Edificio Castillo Sanchez (Junto a Banco Pichincha)


Edificio Emporium by the point, piso 7, oficina 704.
Calle 3er pasaje 5 NE y callejón 11 NE / Ciudad del Rio. Puerto Santana, Guayaquil.


Contact VAC by mail

Sr. No Mail Address Contact Details
1 Questions and tracking


(02) 2513-7684 / (02) 2238972 - (02) 5148344
(04) 4611441

Information for customers with disabilities

The entrance is clear and unobstructed. There is a ramp for wheelchair users that allows access to public areas.
A friend/relative can accompany customers with disabilities throughout the application process.
There are clear, easy to read signs in Spanish.
The building is very well lit inside.

Local transport information

Parking: There is limited parking available outside the visa application centres. Parking outside a visa service centres is at the owner's risk.

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