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  What is Schengen visa?
  Who can apply?
  Will Danish embassy in La Pazbe processing your visa application?
  Representation of Danish Embassy
  Which country visa you should apply?

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We strongly recommend that you fill your visa application form online on this link: Click here

You should enter you mail to receive your username and password, and after that complete the filling of your application online and  print the 2 cover sheets, place your picture and sign it, you will need to bring the same to the Visa Application center in the date of your appointment.

If you rather fill your application by hand:


Schengen visa application form

A uniform visa application form is used by all members of Schengen countries.

Only the latest form must be used. Old forms will not be accepted.

The form is free of cost.
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How to complete the short stay visa application form?

General information

  You may complete either an original form or a good quality photocopy
  You must write legibly;
  You must sign the form where indicated; In the case of minors, parents or legal guardian must sign.
  Any false statement (Cancelling your hotel reservation after the visa has been granted is considered a false statement unless duly justified) will lead to the visa being refused or to the annulment of a visa already granted;
  Addresses must be accurate and include the house number, street name, the town and the postcode.
  You must fill the form with black pen and in CAPITAL letters only
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Travelling to Greenland or the Faroe Islands
If Greenland or the Faro Islands is your main destination you must inform the staff at the visa application centre about it. Please do the following

  When filling out the application on this website choose Denmark as your main destination
  When you hand in the cover letter to the embassy/consulate, please inform the consular staff about your main destination being Greenland or the Faroe Islands
  For more information, please see website of the embassy of Denmark in La Paz – Bolivia.

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