Residence and Work Permits

If you are a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA, you must hold a residence and work permit in order to reside and work in Denmark.

All Residence and Work Permits applications must be submitted in person at the Joint Visa Application centres in London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

All applicants for Residence and Work Permit, apart from applicants for Family Reunification, can use the walk-in service, i.e. no prior appointment is required, from Monday till Friday between 08.30 am and 12.00 noon , except on Public Holidays/Closures.

Applicants for Residence and Work Permit prepare and submit their application as per their own discretion using all available information in the respective links below.

VFS is not entitled to advise, assist or influence applicants in regards with their applications.

Residence and Work Permit includes following categories:

Employees, Job Card Scheme and Trainees (AR1); accompanying family (FA8)

Family Reunification

Interns (PR1 – PR3)

Researchers, PhD Students and Research Assistants (AR1); accompanying family (FA8)

EU and EEA Nationals (Residence Cards or Proof of Registration)

Residence Permits for Iceland

Self-employed (AR2); accompanying family (FA8)

Students (ST1); accompanying family (FA8)

Working Holiday Permits (WH1)

VFS also entertains applicants who have already started  the process of Residence and Work permit, and who need to have their biometrics recorded separately.

Biometrics only