Applicants applying for a permanent residence permit maybe required to provide consent (letter, bank statement, salary advice, proof of residence and or Identity documents) of person’s or guardian who you are dependent on with an undertaking to provide financial support to the applicant.

Documents Required


Note: all documents issued by the issuing authority of the country of origin shall be original or certified copies and where applicable translated into english, which translation shall be certified as a correct translation by a sworn translator.

Applicants must renew their temporary resident visa whilst awaiting the outcome for permanent residence permit
  • VFS appointment letter.
  • A duly completed DHA-947 form online. Handwritten forms will not be accepted by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Payment of the application fee of R2870. If the application fee was paid to VFS bank account or the mission, an original bank payment receipt, where the application fee was paid using the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), receipt for each applicant.
  • Present a valid original passport in respect of applicant and passport photograph. A recent, passport-type, full face photograph bearing the names of the applicants on the reverse side thereof. (Machine-type or instant photographs are not acceptable).
  • A valid relative visa for temporary sojourn at the time of application in respect of each applicant, if the application is made in the Republic.
  • Unabridged birth certificate, or extract from birth record for applicant(s).
  • A deed poll in the case of the applicant who has changed his or her name, surname or sex.
  • Original Police clearance certificate issued by the police or security authority in each country where the relevant applicant resided for 12 months or longer after attaining the age of 18 years except for South Africa, in respect of criminal records or the character of that applicant, which certificate shall not be older than six months at the time of its submission: (Provided that the certificate shall not be required from a foreign country in the case of renewal or extension of a visa)
  • Biometric enrolment fee applicable: Yes
  • Radiological report (not required in respect of children under the age of 12 years or a pregnant woman). The certificate must not be older than six (6) months at the time the applicant submits an application.
  • Medical report for all applicants. The certificate must not be older than six (6) months at the time the applicant submits an application.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate if that person travelled or intends travelling from or transit through a yellow fever endemic area: Provided that the certificate shall not be required where that person travelled or intends travelling in direct transit through such area or where an application is made in the Republic.
  • An undertaking by the South African citizen parent(s) that they are able and willing to support and maintain the applicant by providing the required financial support.
  • Identity document and naturalisation certificate of the parent who is the citizen.
  • Present yourself for biometrics at the visa facilitation center.

Processing Time

All temporary visa applications accepted at the Visa Facilitation Centre will have a minimum average processing time of 8 - 10 months for the decision to be returned from Department of Home Affairs. You can track your application online on VFS Global website to determine status of your application.

Visa Fees


DHA Application Fee

VFS Service Fee

27 (d) Dependent over 21 years of age >21



Premium Lounge (Optional Service)



All fees are inclusive of VAT and to be paid in South African Rand. Above listed fees are non-refundable once the application is received by VFS Global and Department of Home Affairs.

Once all supporting documentation is available as per the documentary checklist kindly proceed to complete the online application form. You will be required to pre-pay a minimum amount of R1350 in order to secure and schedule your appointment online.

Payment to secure your online appointment can be made in three methods:

  • Online payment via Debit/Credit card through the secure online portal
  • Pre-payment at Standard Bank by downloading and completing the online generated bank receipt and depositing the cash into the nearest Standard Bank
  • EFT payment through the secure online portal

Note- When selecting the pre-payment option, after payment has been done you are required to visit your online application form after 3 working days to proceed to schedule your appointment.