Important Information

  • Submission: For the kind attention of DHA visa applicants in Bruma, Johannesburg East.

    Effective 05 March 2018, the VFS Application Center located in Bruma, Johannesburg East will be relocated to The Kensington Bowling Club.

    The last day of submissions at the VFS Visa Application centre located at, 25 Ernest Oppenheimer, Finance House, Bruma, Johannesburg East is 02 March 2018.

    All applicants who wish to submit their applications must visit the temporary application centre located at The Kensington Bowling Club, 8 Ivanhoe Street, Kensington, Johannesburg East.

    Operational Dates and Times: 05 March 2018 until 30 March 2018 from 08:00 – 14:30

    Please note:

    As of 02 April 2018, applicants must visit the application centers located in Rivonia and Brooklyn to submit their applications. The DHA visa facilitation center in the Johannesburg East area will no longer be operational after the 30 March 2018.

    Collection: For the kind attention of DHA visa applicants in Bruma,Johannesburg East.

    Effective 02 March 2018, all Bruma outcomes will be relocated to the VFS Global centre located in Rivonia

    The last day of collections at the VFS Global centre in Bruma, Johannesburg East will be 01 March 2018.

    As of 02 March 2018, all collections will be facilitated at the VFS Global office in Rivonia; collection timings are available on the website.

    For more information please contact the VFS Global contact center on (012) 425 3000.

  • Introduction and implementation of the automated fingerprint biometric solution which will replace the requirement of the manual South African police clearance certificate

    The Immigration Act, No.13 of 2002 requires amongst other supporting documents a submission of a police clearance certificate when making an application for a long- term temporary residence visa or permanent residence permit.

    As part of the continuous service improvement and efficiency, the Department of Home Affairs will be introducing a Biometric background check service which is linked to the South African Police Service Database. This service which will be provided at a value added cost of R175.00 (Incl. VAT) will replace the requirement to submit manual police clearance certificates obtained from SAPS.

    With effect from the 01 November 2017 applicants will no longer be required to submit RSA police clearance certificates, where applicable, when making an application for a change of condition, renewal or extension of their visa and Permanent Residence Permit within South Africa. VFS offices will continue to accept manual SAPS police clearance certificates until the 31 December 2017, thereafter DHA will only accept the taking of biometrics (fingerprints) in respect of checking criminal records.

    This service is only available to applicants who are submitting an application at VFS for a temporary residence visa or a permanent residence permit. Foreign nationals who need to obtain a police clearance certificate for any other purpose should still request such at the South African Police Service.

  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details - click here