Refund Policy

Refund of Visa Application Fee: Cancellation, No shows and Administration Fees

It is important to note that once payment has been made, a full refund of the VFS Global’s service fee is not possible, save in the case of death or hospitalization. All cancellations and no shows will attract a penalty fee of R850, which will be deducted from the VFS Global service fee of R1350 or R2500 in respect of all applications for the DHA Premium Visa & Permit Services Centre for its Corporate Clients where applicable

All refund applications that do not fall in the category of no shows/ cancellations will bear a R250 administration fee where proof of resubmission is not provided.

No fee will be charged if the applicant is unable to honour the appointment due to his or her death or hospitalization.

Once an appointment has been confirmed a person can thereafter reschedule an appointment twice. Thereafter if the maximum attempts have been exceeded, the VFS Global’s penalty fee of R850 will be forfeited. Rescheduling or cancellation of confirmed appointment is allowed up to forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled date of appointment. VFS Global recommends applicants to make use of the rescheduling function as this will reduce certain applicable penalty fees. Rescheduling appointments should be applied when applicants do not have all mandatory documentation at the time of submission.

In the event of a wrong category selected/ missing documents / error on form or applicant must apply from country of origin, applicants are advised to fill in the details in a new application with all necessary processes including the payment. When a refund is requested for this reason you will be refunded your initial payment, less our administration fee of R250. Applicants must show proof of a new application being completed prior to requesting a refund. Failure to provide proof of a new application from within the Republic of South Africa, or made from country of origin, for the abovementioned reasons will result in our R850 penalty fee.

In the event that an applicant does not qualify for a visa or permit, our R850 fee will apply where valid supporting documents are not provided.

All refund claims made after your initial appointment date for any reason will not be entertained and will be regarded as a no show/cancellation and will carry a penalty fee of R850. It is the duty of the applicant to bring all refund claims to our attention either on or prior the appointment date.

Eligible refunds require thirty (30) calendar days processing from the date of refund request, excluding public holidays, and no refunds will be processed after six (6) months from the date of becoming eligible for such refunds.

All refund application requests will be processed in the same method as payment was made for these services. E.g. if payment was made via use of credit or debit card, refund will also be done via a credit/debit card.

In no circumstances will VFS Global be under any obligation to consider a refund of service fees for non-refundable services. A non-refundable fee applies to any application that has passed our Quality Control process during submission.

It is the responsibility of the payer to ensure that all monies paid into any VFS Global accounts are correct, and that VFS Global is the rightful beneficiary. Any payment made to VFS Global in error, will also carry our penalty fee.

The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the administration fee and the penalty fee are reasonable and fair in terms of relevant consumer protection legislation.

VFS Global Refund Policy

VFS Global Refund Request Form

Additionally, kindly note the below important points when requesting a refund:

  • All fields are mandatory and incomplete information will delay the processing of your refund.
  • Ensure the original proof of payment along with the refund request form is submitted at the nearest Visa and Permit Facilitation Centre.
  • Signature of the Applicant and VFS Centre supervisor is required.
  • All payments will only be paid into a South African Banking Account.
  • No payments will be done to a credit card number provided unless it was used for online payment.
    • All refund requests for online payments must supply the beneficiary reference number on the payment and unique reference number(URN)
  • Ensure the application reference number is correctly stated on the refund request form
  • If payment made via debit / credit card online, ensure transaction ID is correctly stated
  • No handwritten forms will be accepted
  • All refund requests are subject to VFS Global’s refund disclaimer/policy
  • Important Refund Update
    Due to the large influx of refund requests, we will unfortunately not be able to meet the 30 calendar turnaround time and hence there will be a delay in your refund request. We are working tirelessly to resolve this issue and regret any inconvenience this delay may have caused.