Additional services

In the Visa Centre of Finland you can find the below mentioned additional services:

  • Courier Service

    Passport delivery to home/business addresses through EMS (Express Mail Service) by paying a nominal additional charge THB 200 per application (anywhere in Thailand).

  • Photocopying service

    Photocopying service for a fee of 3 THB per each photocopied sheet.

  • Photo booth service

    Applicants can have their photograph taken at the Visa Application Centre. This service can be used for an extra fee of 250 THB for 6 passport size photographs.

  • Internet Kiosk

    Applicants can use Internet and have their documents printed online at the Visa Application Centre.

    Internet usage starts at 35 THB registration and One Baht per minute usage time.

    Online Documents can be printed for 25 THB per page – (Black and White copies Only). 

  • Fax facility

    Fax facility is available at the Visa Application Centre for a fee of 25 THB per sheet for both incoming and outgoing faxes (within Thailand only). 

  • Filling Form

    The assisted form filling service is a service that VFS offers to its clients at the Finland Visa Application Centre. Appointed staff will assist a visa applicant to complete a visa application form at the VAC as an optional service. The cost for this service is THB 250.00 per application form.