Additional Services

General Information

Additional services offered by Visa Application Center, are not included in the service fee.

These additional services can be preferred when the applicants come to center on their appointment time.


P.S: Below mentioned additional services are totally optional.

Photocopy Service

Photocopy Service cost is 1 TL per page.

Photograph Service

Best PhotoCabin machine is available at our Visa Application Centers which can be used by inserting the money in the machine and choose the best photograph of yourself that you can see through the screen. Usage of the PhotoCabin is very simple and phototgraphs will be delivered in 45 Seconds. You can receive 6 biometric photographs from the machine which works with 25 TL (including VAT)

Courier Service

You can specify your request of courier delivery to the officer during your submission. Visa Application Center officer will get your necessary address information, and your processed passport will be delivered to you by courier. UPS carries the passport deliveries with a special service except the regular deliveries. Missing/wrong information in your address declaration might cause mistakes and delays in your delivery. To get the detailed information about the courier service and costs, please consult Visa Application Center officer

Request of Courier After Submission

Even if you didn’t request courier service during your submission, you can change your mind and ask for a courier service for your passport to be delivered to your address. To take advantage of this service, please click here and fill the form.

This service can only be taken by the applicant him/herself to be aware of the price of the service and for a better tracking of the passport, it can’t be requested by other people. PS: Courier service can only be done during the weekdays.

Form Filling Service

If you want to fill your form in Visa Application Center, you can use the Form Filling Service. This service cost is 20 TL for each form.

─░mportant warning: To use this service doesn’t mean that your submission will be processed faster or a guarantee for your visa approval. Your application will be processed in the normal period and it should be done appropriate for the Immigration Laws.

VIP Service

Applicants whom would like to receive special personal service can use VIP service. Premium Lounge Service offers following services;

Private VIP Room

Stylish ambiance and tea/coffee, soft drinks, refreshments

If you decide to use service, you should book an appointment from our call center or at the enterance of the Visa Application Service, you can specify to use this service.

Important Note: Using the Premium Lounge service will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa. As for every traveler, your visa will be processed and decided by the Embassy of Latvia.

Internet Kiosk

You can use this service to access the internet for any pending documents related to your application. Please speak to the information desk/submission officer for further details

Print Out Service

Applicants can print out the documents, which they have electronically, at Visa Application Center. Applicants can consult to photocopy counter for support.