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Schengen Visas

Greece is a member state of the European Union and a part of the Schengen Treaty. These two capacities determine visa requirements for foreign citizens who wish to visit Greece.
A Schengen visa is needed when you are visiting one or several of the countries of the Schengen Area (i.e. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic. Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary). The duration of your total stay in Schengen countries shall not exceed 90 days in a period of 6 months, starting from the date of first entry.
Turkish citizens do need a visa to visit Greece (except holders of diplomatic, service and special (green) passports)
You have to apply for a Schengen visa at the Greek Visa Application Centres in Izmir, Ankara Bodrum, Antalya and Edirne if:
your main destination (the Schengen country where you will spend the longest time) is Greece, or
you are spending the same amount of days in several Schengen countries, but Greece is your first port of entry into the Schengen Area.

Short Stay Visa Applications can be submitted to VFS Global Visa Application Centers;

Applicants who reside in :Adana, Adıyaman, Ağrı, Aksaray, Amasya, Ankara, Ardahan, Batman, Bilecik, Bingöl, Bitlis, Çankırı, Çorum, Diyarbakır, Elazığ, Erzincan, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Hakkari, Hatay, Iğdır,Karaman, Kahramanmaraş, Kars, Kayseri, Kilis, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Konya, Malatya, Mardin, Mersin, Muş, Nevşehir, Niğde, Osmaniye, Siirt, Sivas, Şırnak, Tokat, Tunceli, Şanlıurfa, Van,and Yozgat submit their applications to Ankara Visa Application Centers.

Applicants who reside in Afyon, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Burdur, Denizli, Isparta, Izmir, Kütahya, Manisa, Muğla, and Uşak must submit their applications to Izmir, Bodrum and Antalya Visa Application Centers,

Applicants who reside in Edirne, Tekirdağ ve Kırklareli, must submit their applications to Edirne Visa Application.

For further information, please call our Call Center at 0212 373 58 26 (Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00 except official holiday closures.)

Please note, the residence permit of the applicant who is not Turkish citizen, must be valid at least 6 months from her/his departure date.

Step 1
Prepare your application and supporting documents: Go to ‘All about visas’ link on this website and find out details related to the visa category you want to apply for, you can find the applicable fee, documents required, Visa application form and more.

Step 2
Book an appointment to visit Visa Application Centre: To visit Visa Application Centers you need to book an appointment online or by calling the Call Centre.

Applicants may enjoy other optional services which are available at the Visa Application Centre, such as Premium Lounge, travel insurance, courier delivery service, and many others.

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Step 3
Submit your application: Visit Visa Application Centre as per appointment scheduled and submit your completed Visa Application Forms along with required supporting documents.

Step 4
Submission Officer will inform you about total payable amount in TL (Visa Fee + Service Fee) and also about the optional services. Receipt will be provided for all payments made at the Centre.