Apply for a VISA to India


In Australia

Additional Services

Optional Value added services provided at IPVSC centres

Courier Service:

IPVSC centres provide a courier service to return your processed applications back to your address at an additional service charge of AUD 19.95

Return by courier for Visa Application is purely optional service selected for convenience to the applicants.

SMS Service:

SMS service provide you with three SMS updating you in real time on the status tracking of your lodged application at an additional service charge of AUD 1.99

Photography Service:

IPVSC Centres in Australia provide photography services as per the guidelines of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). This service is chargeable and available for standard photographs of Adult and children. (Assistance may not be available for Infant and applicants’ with Special Needs).

Photocopy Service:

IPVSC centres provide the service of Photocopy and Form printing of the Documents at an additional charge of AUD 0.50 per page.

Fast Track visa service:

IPVSC centres provide Fast track visa service under two categories- Emergency and Urgent. Emergency Visa applications are accepted only in cases of Medical emergencies/Unfortunate event in the family whereas Urgent visa applications are basis urgent Business Travel. Please note that acceptance and processing of applications under these categories is at the complete discretion of High Commission of India, Canberra and its consulates.

Surrender Certificate:

Applicant applying for surrender/cancellation of Indian passport will be issued with the surrender certificate at an additional service charge of AUD 4.60 (In addition to normal application Fees & service charges)

Note: For latest charges, please contact the IPVSC application centres or contact centre.