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Welcome to the website of VFS hereinafter referred to as VFS MALAYSIA SDN BHD. Applicants are urged to read the following user terms and conditions and the privacy policy and the use of this website and services provided herein are subject to acceptance of the same.

VFS GLOBAL provides Passport and Attestation processing services to Passport and Consular Services Applicants seeking passport and attestation services in Malaysia from the High Commission of India and is only responsible for the following:

1. To receive from Applicant his/her completed application form, supporting documentation (collectively, the "Documents") and the applicable fees.
2. To submit the Documents to the High Commission of India in Malaysia, on behalf of the Applicant.
3. Applicants are urged against using unauthorized persons, entities and touts and also against divulging any information relating to the receipts, passport and related details to third persons. The Applicants alone will be responsible for any resultant consequences and may also become liable for appropriate prosecutions and liabilities.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the High Commission of India reserves the right to ask for further documents, information and material to assess the applications and in its own discretion decide on such information, material and documents submitted or furnished. VFS shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Documents, in any manner whatsoever.

It must be noted that the grant or refusal of the Passport and Consular documents is the sole discretion of the High Commission of India. VFS is neither involved in the processing nor is liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any delay in processing or granting or rejecting the Passport or Consular documents as this is the sole prerogative of the High Commission of India.

VFS takes every reasonable care and precaution in handling and delivering the Documents of Applicants. However, VFS shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever to the Applicant for any documents which are lost in transit by accident, theft, natural calamities (acts of God) or any other reason outside the control of, or not arising out of a willful act or default of VFS. VFS does not warrant or guarantee the delivery of the documents, material or information as the Applicant may require, but will extend and provide services to the extent and to the points as notified and communicated to the Applicants.

The use of the site is at the sole discretion of the company and any use by anyone may be terminated by VFS at anytime.

By using the services available from the domain and sub-domains of
http://www.vfsglobal.com/india/malaysia (the "Site") the Applicant shall agree to the following terms and conditions, including those available by hyperlink (the "Agreement of Use") with VFS and the general principles for the VFS Web site sites of our client/s its agencies, subsidiaries and international affiliates. If you reside outside MALAYSIA, you are contracting with VFS and its affiliate and the clients. If you have any questions, please refer to the Help section on the Site.

Before you proceed to use the services provided by VFS and its clients, please read and accept all the terms and conditions in, and linked to, this Agreement of Use and the Privacy Policy to be able to proceed further to utilize the services provided by VFS. VFS strongly recommend that, as you read this Agreement of Use, you also access and read the linked information. Do not use the Site if you are not able to enter into legally binding contracts, or if you are under the age of 18, or are temporarily or indefinitely suspended or prohibited from or accessing or using the site;

By accepting this Agreement of Use, you also agree that your use of other VFS related and linked VFS Web site/s will be governed by the Agreement of Use and Privacy Policy posted on those VFS Web site/s and such changes and modifications as may be made from time to time.


While accessing or using the Site, Applicant will not:

post any content or items in an inappropriate category or areas on the Site nor post any material in whatsoever form, on the VFS website other than the purpose for which the VFS website provides for,
violate any laws, third party rights, or policies of VFS. Applicant shall not hide or spoof his IP addressor intentionally or bounce his communications through any intermediate computers. Applicant shall also not alter the logs upon gaining access,
interfere with the technological operations of the site or attempt or manipulate the content or material on the VFS website or interfere or attempt to manipulate or interfere with the VFS website contents or of other Applicants or user's,
post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content (including personal information),
use any robot, spider, search engine, scraper or other means whether manual, automated, mechanical or electronics either existing or that may be invented, discovered to access the Site and or to do any of the acts mentioned above for any purpose other than the normal purpose which the website intends.

Additionally, you agree that you will not:

take any action that imposes or may impose (in our sole discretion) an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;
interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Site or any activities conducted on the Site; or
bypass our robot exclusion headers or other measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Site.
do or take any action that may undermine the feedback or ratings systems (such as displaying, importing or exporting feedback information of the Site or for using it for purposes unrelated to VFS;
shall not access or attempt to gain root access, use any manual, mechanical, electrical or electronic means, computer programs, exploits, hacker tools, or scripts, software or hardware tools, search engines either existing or that may be invented either directly, indirectly or through any contrivance to change, modify, post, violate, misuse, abuse, erase, hack, distort, slow down, configure any system, website, to work for them, or to cause denial of services to other Applicants & User's or on other computers or down the VFS Web site or its user features;
send, post, plant or distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm VFS, or the interests or property of VFS users;
copy, modify, or distribute content from the Site and VFS copyrights and trademarks; (Trademarks term to be included only after Trademark registration is done)
harvest or otherwise collect information about Applicants, including but not limited to any Applicants personal or other details including but not limited to passport details, and other details posted on the VFS Web site by any Applicants personal details, details or information relating to Applicants passport details, email addresses, without their consent.

Applicants and Users will be liable for any action under the Malaysian 'Computer Crimes Act 1997', 'Copyright Act 1987' , Trademarks Act1976 and Trade Descriptions Act 1972.

The Applicants & User's will be liable for Infringement, should any unlawful use be made of VFS Copyright, Trademark and Trademark Descriptions contained therein.

VFS will not hesitate to initiate legal proceedings should any unlawful use be made of its website and its contents therein.


Without limiting other remedies, VFS may at its sole discretion or at the advise and or under the directions of its clients limit, suspend, or terminate, temporarily or permanently disable or prevent or disable the Applicants & User's account from making use of its service and user accounts, prohibit access to its website and websites, remove hosted content, and take technical and legal steps to keep Applicants & user/s off the Site if VFS think that the Applicants & user is or attempting to resort to Unlawful usage, resorting to abuse, creating problems, possible legal liabilities, or acting inconsistently with the normal usage.

Content License

When Applicant provides VFS the content, the Applicant & user grant VFS a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub licensable right to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights the Applicants & user has in the content, in any media known now or in the future


While VFS makes and strives to provide secure and continuous connectivity and internet access VFS, the High Commission of India and or its clients shall not be responsible or liable to any Applicant for any loss or consequential damage including among other things any loss of dates obtained, time, data or information furnished or entered on the website or the application forms which may among other things have occurred as a result of any events or acts leading to interruptions in internet connectivity, transmission of signals, server breakdown, systems crashing, hacking, servicing and any other unforeseen events or acts.

Applicants & Users will not hold VFS responsible for other users' actions or inactions, including acts or things the result of which there may be loss of connectivity, loss of dates, loss of data furnished.

Further, while secure and continuous access to the service is sought to be provided and VFS does not guarantee continuous or secure access to its services, and operation of the Site as the same may be interfered with by numerous factors outside the control of VFS. Accordingly, to the extent legally permitted, VFS excludes all implied warranties, terms and conditions. VFS is not liable for any loss of money, time, goodwill, or reputation, or any special, indirect, or consequential loss or damages arising out of your use of its web site.


Applicants & Users agrees to indemnify and hold VFS, its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the breach of this Agreement, or violation by the Applicants & Users of any law of any country or the rights of a third party.


Except as explicitly stated otherwise, legal notices shall be served on VFS authorised agent at: No19.03, 19th Floor, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and to the Applicant to the email and/or address provided to VFS during the online filling of the form. Notice shall be deemed given 24 hours after email is sent. VFS may give Applicants legal notice by email or to the address provided during the registration process.


This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Malaysia as they apply to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Malaysia between its residents, without regard to conflict of law provisions. Applicants & User's agrees that any claim or dispute you may have against VFS must be resolved by a court located in Malaysia. The User specifically agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within Malaysia for the purpose of litigating any claims or disputes or for prosecuting any cases for any offense of whatsoever nature that may arise from the use of this website of services provided by VFS or its website.

VFS, is located at No 19.03, 19th Floor, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you reside outside Malaysia and access this Site, the services are offered by VFS, subject to the Applicant & User's accepting the jurisdictional terms and conditions as mentioned herein. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable both in Malaysia and in such other jurisdiction or court, such provision shall be struck out and the remaining provisions shall be enforced. In its sole discretion, VFS, may assign this Agreement in accordance with the Notices Section.

Headings are for reference purposes only and do not limit the scope or extent of such section. VFS failure to act with respect to a breach by Applicants & user/s or others does not waive its rights to act with respect to any breach, subsequent or similar breaches. VFS reserves the right to take action as it may decide, or advised by its Legal Counsel and or as directed by its clients.

VFS may at any time amend this Agreement of Use by posting the amended terms on the Site. Except as stated elsewhere, all amended terms shall automatically be effective as at the time of accessing the website and using the services. This Agreement of Use may not be otherwise amended except in a writing signed by VFS, only. This Agreement of Use sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between Applicants & user's with VFS with respect to the subject matter hereof.


1. SCOPE: The Privacy Policy describes how the information furnished by applicants and users is collected, used, stored, transferred and made available to the providers contracting party, affiliates, governments, law enforcement agencies, authorities and other agencies. By accepting the Privacy Policy and user agreement, Applicants & user/s expressly consents to our Privacy Policy.

2. INFORMATION COLLECTION: All information, posted, furnished and submitted by the Applicant while filling up the forms is converted into such formats as may be required and communicated to the HIGH COMMISSION OF INDIA. The information so collected shall be stored, transferred and shared by VFS or any of our affiliated agencies, partners and any law enforcement agencies as would be required under law and mentioned herein. VFS may collect:

All information furnished by Applicants & User/s, and identifiable by the passport number, portal, server, I.P address etc., which is traceable in relation to VFS’s site or in relation thereto such as IP address, E-mail address, contact detail information and other information like transactional information of Applicants online usage, IP address, log on information and standard web log information etc.

3. PURPOSE OF COLLECTION: The predominant purpose in collecting the information is to provide the efficient and customized webpage: 1. To provide and upgrade services to Applicants & Users 2. To prevent misuse, abuse, mischievous intent, prohibited or illegal use and hacking by Applicants & Users through any means and to address any security issues 3. To customize, measure and improve our services and site content and layout. And generally to provide and communicate any of the above to our contracting party, principle, affiliates, governments, law enforcement agencies, authorities and other agencies to respond to legal requirements, protect any one's right, property safety or, or in allegation of fraud, misuse, abuse, mischievous intent or investigations.

4. COOKIES: VFS uses "cookies" (small files placed on Applicants & User/s hard drive) on certain pages of the Site to help analyze our web page flow, customize our services, measure promotional effectiveness, and promote trust and safety.

A few important things Applicants & User/s should know about cookies are that:
1. VFS offer certain features that are only available through the use of cookies.
2. VFS use cookies to help identify Applicants & User/s and maintain Applicants & User/s signed-in status.
3. Most cookies are "session cookies," meaning that they are automatically deleted from the Applicants & User/s hard drive at the end of a session.
4. Applicants & User/s is/are always free to decline our cookies if Applicants & User/s browser permits, although doing so may interfere with Applicants & User/s use of the Site.
5. Applicants & User/s may encounter cookies from any links or third parties on certain pages of the Site that VFS do not control. (For example, if Applicants & User/s view a VFS page created by another user, there may be a "cookie" placed by that VFS page.) . VFS and our users do not tolerate spam. Applicants & User/s are not licensed, permitted, expected to add, modify, deface, hack, misuse or abuse the, VFS site or the contents therein. To report to VFS any related spam or spoof emails to VFS, please forward the email to info.inmy@vfshelpline.com . Applicants & User/s may not use our communication tools to send spam or otherwise send content that would violate our User Agreement. VFS do filter and automatically scan messages before they are sent for viruses and other illegal or prohibited content but do not permanently store email messages sent through these tools. VFS do not rent or sell these email addresses.

5. USER ACCOUNT INFORMATION, PASSWORD & APPLICANTS PERSONAL INFORMATION: Applicants passport, date of birth and name are the key to Applicants account. Use the same and do not disclose the details to anyone. If Applicants share Applicants password or Applicants personal information with others, remember that Applicants are responsible for all actions taken in the name of Applicants account. If Applicants lose control of the same, Applicants may lose substantial control over Applicants personal information and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on Applicants behalf. Therefore, if Applicants password has been compromised for any reason, Applicants should immediately notify VFS and ensure appropriate safety and security measures.

6. ACCESSING, REVIEWING & MODIFYING PERSONAL AND OTHER INFORMATION: Applicants can see, review and change most of Applicants personal information by logging into the Site. Generally, VFS will not manually modify Applicants personal information because it is very difficult to verify Applicants identity and other details. Applicants must promptly update Applicants personal information if it changes or is inaccurate. Once Applicant submit the information, Applicant will be able to change or remove it only up to 48 hours before the date of the interview date. VFS retains personal information in order to comply with the law, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce the terms and conditions and take other actions otherwise permitted by law.

7. SECURITY: VFS treat data as an asset that must be protected and use lots of tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect Applicants personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. However, sometimes third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, and other users may abuse or misuse Applicants personal information that they collect from the Site.

Therefore, although VFS ensures to protect Applicants privacy, it cannot guarantee the Applicant that personal information or private communications will always remain private and secure.

8. GENERAL: The contents of the Privacy policy may be changed at any time and all Applicants & users will be subject to the terms as applicable at the time of usage.

Privacy Policy


VFS Global. (hereinafter referred to as ‘VFS (Malaysia SDN. BHD’) is an outsourced partner of Diplomatic Missions across globe, and is authorized to receive applications for various categories of visa, permit and travel document and perform administrative and non-judgmental tasks/functions related to the same, as per the mandate of concerned Diplomatic Missions. By virtue of processing these applications, VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. acts as a data processor and the respective Diplomatic Mission/s are the data controller. This Privacy Policy describes how VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. collects, uses, discloses and manages personal information related to individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant/s”) applying for visas and permits, and makes available to relevant authorities for the purpose detailed below.

Purpose of collection, use, disclosure etc. of Personal Information

Applicants may be required to provide certain information pertaining to them such as name, photograph, address, date of birth, telephone number, passport information, birth certificate, income, citizenship status, marital status, employment details, criminal and educational background information etc. This information is collected as per the requirement mandated by the concerned Diplomatic Missions / Governments and/ or relevant Visa Offices.

Such personal information may be collected, used or disclosed in order to facilitate the processing of visa application(s) and/or request(s) including but not limited to for the following purposes:

Process applications received for requests for various categories of visa, permit and travel documents etc. and perform various tasks/ functions related thereto;
Respond to various inquiries on the visa application submission process in general.
Respond to various inquiries regarding status of application made with VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.;
Provide/ offer any other services as per requirements of the respective Governments /Diplomatic Missions.

Provision of personal information is voluntary. Please note, however, that a refusal to provide personal information may limit or affect ability of VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. to provide the requested services.

As mandated by the Diplomatic Mission/s, VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. may (by itself of through third party service providers/ vendors) provide various facilities for inquiries related visa application process in general and/ or status of visa applications submitted through VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. such as call center, online tracking, e-mail etc.

Inquiries about general visa application process:
Users making inquiries as regards visa application process in general, need not provide any personal information.
Inquiries about the status of submitted visa application/s:
Users making inquiries as regards status of visa application submitted through VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. can quote application reference number to receive an update on the status of their visa, permit or travel document applications.
The users may be requested to provide personal information such as given name or family name or date of birth or phone number or street address or email address or application date etc. or combination of such information for verification/ authentication purposes.
Users making inquiries as regards visa application process however should not ask or reveal the passport number or personal information while interacting via email with VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. and/or its third party service providers/ vendors. Instead use of application reference number is recommended. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. shall not be obliged to respond to e-mails containing personal information. In case any personal information is disclosed, the same shall be at the sole risk of the Users/ applicants and VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. will not be in any manner responsible for any events of misuse etc.

For the quality control purposes the interaction/s with user/s may be recorded. In such cases the user/s will be informed of this practice and purpose at the start of any such interaction. Unless a different requirement is mandated by the respective Diplomatic Mission/s, such recordings will be purged after a period of 30 days from the date of such interaction/s.

Interview Scheduling:

Certain Diplomatic Missions may require the Applicant’s to attend for personal interview. Applicants will be required to provide their application reference number and/or certain personal information such as family name, given name, date of birth, phone number, street address, email address, application date, and passport number for purpose of scheduling interviews.
All such information, posted, furnished and submitted by the Applicants while scheduling an interview appointment is converted into such formats as may be required and communicated to the respective Diplomatic Mission having jurisdiction to receive such application/s.

Certain data and information related to visa applications received by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. is presently stored/ hosted at data centre/s in UK (London) and India (Mumbai). The data captured by VFS (Malaysia) SDN. BHD. in its systems for processing of visa applications of applicants from European Union is stored within the European Union (EU) boundary. The data of applicants other than that from EU may be stored in VFS (Malaysia) SDN. BHD. systems either within the EU boundary at data center in UK (London) or at data center in India (Mumbai).
This information may be used, disclosed by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. for performing its various obligations towards respective Diplomatic Missions and will be purged within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.. However no information/ data containing Personal Information of the Applicant/s is stored at the data centre/s mentioned above.

Disclosures of Personal Information:

VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. will not trade, rent or sell personal information of the Applicants. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does disclose or otherwise transfer Personal Information of the Applicants, except as otherwise set out herein.  Personal Information will be used only for the purposes of providing services and performing its various obligations.

However VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. may need to disclose and share Personal Information when it is necessary to comply with a court order, any on-going judicial proceeding, or other legal, statutory or regulatory process served on VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. or to exercise the legal rights or defend against legal claims, criminal investigations, judicial matters or in prevention, investigation, detection, prosecution of criminal activities or matters related to national security.

Service Provider Arrangements: VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. may disclose (or otherwise make available) personal information to third party service providers providing services like courier delivery, SMS, call center services. These third party service providers are provided with such information they need to perform their designated functions and are not authorized to use or disclose personal information for their own purposes. For example, where the visa applicant has opted for courier service, VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. will disclose certain Personal data such as name, address, phone number to the third party courier service providers. However personal information will not be shared with service provider/s for SMS service/s.  Such third party service providers are also required to adhere to security & privacy requirements as outlined by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD..


Cookies are files or pieces of information that may be stored on system or internet enabled devices of the User, when the User visits the website/s of VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. uses cookies to make the website/s simpler to use. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. cannot identify the User personally from this information. .

VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. website offers certain features that are only available through the use of cookies.
The cookies help website users and maintain their signed-in status.
Most cookies are "session cookies," meaning that they are automatically deleted from website user’s hard drive at the end of a session when the applicant/user exits the website. However “Persistent cookies” remain in place across multiple visits to our websites.
Applicant/ website user may encounter cookies from any links of third parties on certain pages of the website that VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does not control.

Once a User accesses the website/s of VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD., User consents to use of cookies by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.. If User does not agree to use of cookies, User should not use website/s of VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.. If the cookies are disabled, it may impact the User experience on website/s of VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD..


VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does not tolerate spam.
VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. website/s or communication tools shall not be used to send spam or otherwise send content that would violate the terms and conditions of VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. user agreement.
VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. filters and automatically scans messages for viruses and other illegal or prohibited content before they are sent.
To report any issues related to spam or spoof emails to VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD., please address e-mails to communications@vfsglobal.com.
VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does not permanently store email messages sent to or by it through various formats. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does not rent or sell any email addresses to third parties.
A user/users is/are not licensed, permitted, expected to add, modify, deface, hack, misuse or abuse VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.’ website or the contents therein.


VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. has implemented measures designed to help protect personal information in its custody and control. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. maintains reasonable administrative, technical, physical and organizational safeguards in an effort to protect personal information in its custody and control. However VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. shall not be liable for unlawful access, use, modification, destruction, destruction or interceptions by unauthorized persons.

Retention & Destruction of Personal Information:

Application packages collected from Applicants will not be copied or retained by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.. Unless otherwise mandated by the concerned Diplomatic Mission, any other paper, hard copies, forms or other records containing personal information will be destroyed by a secure shredding process within thirty (30) days of a passport’s return to an applicant.

For the purposes of assisting the Applicants should they contact VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. with follow-up queries, Applicant personal information may be retained in electronic form, after passport and/or documents have been returned to the Applicants, for a maximum of thirty (30) days or for such period as specified by the respective Governments/ Diplomatic Missions.

VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. performs secure disposal or destruction of personal information on the equipment or devices used for storing personal information. When disposing of equipment or devices used for storing personal information (such as filing cabinets, computers, diskettes, and audio tapes), VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. takes appropriate measures such as to removal or deletion of any stored information to prevent access by unauthorized parties.


VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. and its third party service providers/ vendors may provide personal information in response to a search warrant or other legally valid inquiry pursuant to contravention of law / order or to an investigative body or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. may also disclose personal information where necessary for the establishment, exercise or a defense of legal claims, or as otherwise permitted by law .

Third Party Links

VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. website may contain links to other/ third party sites promoting various products and/or services that VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does not own or operate.. These links to websites are in nature of paid advertising are not verified by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.. These links are provided for convenience access to these links is voluntary and does not indicate that VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. endorses or is associated with any of these other third party websites. Users are requested to use their own discretion which dealing with these websites and neither VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. nor its officers, employees, agents shall have any responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever for these other third party websites or any information contained in them.

These linked websites have their own separate and independent privacy statements, notices and terms of use, which Users are recommended to carefully review the same. VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. does not have any control over such third party websites, and therefore shall have no liability or responsibility their personal information practices.

To Personal Information

Please note that disclosure of personal information is voluntary. The Applicants / Users disclosing personal information shall be deemed to have read and understood this Privacy Policy and consents to use and disclosure of the personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy. The Applicants / Users have right to withdraw their consent prior to further disclosure of the personal information by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. to the Diplomatic Missions / Governments and/ or relevant Visa Offices or other third parties.

Applicant/s have right to their personal information provided by them. Users may request access to their personal information by writing an email to the Info email ID mentioned on the “Contact Us” page with subject line as “Subject Access Request”. This request will be forwarded to the respective Governments/ Diplomatic Missions since they are the data controllers and further action will be taken by VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. based on the directions received by the respective Governments/ Diplomatic Missions.

VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. shall not be responsible to ascertain authenticity or accuracy of the information provided by the Applicant. It shall be the duty of the Applicant to ensure that the information provided to VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. is accurate, complete and upto date.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Please be advised that the Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time and Users/ Applicants to regularly visit VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. website to access the latest policy statement.

Contact Us

For any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, please write to vfsprivacy@vfsglobal.com for more information.


For inquiries as regards Privacy Policy please send e-mail to vfsglobalprivacyofficer@vfsglobal.com