You are not allowed to enter the Visa service centre while carrying any of the following items:

  • Any weapons or ammunition
  • Electronic devices:
    • Cellular phones, photo cameras, video cameras, notebooks, voice recorders, hair dryers, batteries, personal stereos, personal computers, calculators, headphones, chargers, wires, electric razors, etc.
  • Sharp items:
    • Knives, forks, scissors, nail clippers, razors, pins, needles, knitting needles, glass bottles, syringes, etc.
  • Flammable items:
    • Matches, lighters, flammable liquids, perfume, sprays, lacquers, deodorants, alcohol
  • Large bags, briefcases, or luggage
  • food items (refreshments are available for purchase in the waiting area)
  • sealed envelopes or packages
  • cigarettes, cigars, match boxes, lighters
  • sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail files
  • weapons or explosive materials of any kind

This list is not exhaustive. Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of security staff.

In addition, the use of any electrical device, including mobile phones, is not permitted within any Visa Centre, except under the direction of VFS Staff.

CCTV Surveillance

All Visa application centres are under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. The images are constantly recorded for the purposes of crime prevention detection and public safety.

Search Procedure

In the interest of safety and security, we reserve the right to conduct random bag searches of applicants & visitors. Please have the following documentation ready for inspection: Passport, Application form and Collection receipts, if applicable.

Dont Abuse

Our staffs have the right to work without fear of abuse or intimidation. Threatening or abusive words or behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

More Information

All Locations

  • There are very limited or no facilities at the Visa service centre to store cellular phones. For speed of processing, we recommend that you make every effort not to bring phones to your appointment.
  • There is no facility at the visa service centre to store prohibited items. You must make arrangements to store these items before you enter the visa service centre
    • Visitors should read the Fire Evacuation notices clearly displayed in the centre.