Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need Visa?

    Please log onto the Website;

  • What should I do after submitting the Visa?

    Log on to the website, or call our Contact Centre on +2 333 23003 to check your application status. It is advisable to check the application status only after the average processing time mentioned in this website.

  • What will happen if I am called for an interview?

    VFS Office will contact you. You need to go to the application centre where you submitted your visa application to collect an interview letter.

  • In case of Schengen Visa, where will my interview be held?

    Please note that personal appearance may be required, a Visa officer may require a personal interview at the Embassy of Italy in Cairo prior to a decision being taken on your application. The Visa Application Centre will assist you to take an appointment for the same

  • What do I need to carry for the interview?

    Interview letter, original documents which you did not submit at the time of application and any additional documents requested by the Embassy of Italy in Cairo.

  • What will happen after the interview?

    You can check the status of your application via our website or our Contact Centre (+2)0233323003 It is advisable to check the status after the average processing time mentioned in this website.

  • If the visa is issued:

    Courier Case: your passport will be delivered at the address provided by you by courier. You need to hand over the stamped photocopy of the data page to the courier person to get the delivery.

    Non-Courier Case: you will be able to collect your passport from the Visa Application Centre where you submitted your application, on the next day after the visa is issued: - Between 1430 hrs - 1630 hrs

  • If the visa is refused

    Your passport & other documents will be handed over to you at the Visa Application Centre where you applied.

  • General information

    • Visa fees / VFS Service Charges, once paid, are non refundable
    • You can obtain further information, and download visa application forms from
    • Please Note: The Embassy of Italy, is not under any legal obligation to disclose the reasons for refusal of Schengen visa applications.

  • What is biometrics enrollment for Visa?

    This is a simple and discreet procedure completed and submitted along with your application form.

  • Who has to apply for the Biometrics?

    Foreign nationals from outside the European Union visiting the Schengen countries

  • Why must I give my biometrics as part of my application?

    Providing biometrics helps to protect the identities of genuine applicants. It is easier for individuals to prove their identity and their travel status. It helps the Schengen countries tackle immigration abuse and identity fraud just to name a few.

  • Where can I complete this procedure?

    You will be able to enroll your biometric information at the Visa Application Center when you submit your application. Please visit the website at or call our helpline for more information.

  • What happens when I enroll my Biometrics information?

    Enrolling your biometric information is a quick and clean process. We use the photograph submitted to us on the application for a facial scan, then you put your fingers on a glass screen to be scanned - there is no ink or mess. We are aware of the need to protect the dignity, privacy and modesty of applicants, and there will be special arrangements for applicants where needed.

  • How long does it take?

    The biometric enrolment process takes up to 10 minutes. There may be a short wait while we check your data.

  • What about any medical or physical conditions that may require to provide the applicant with special arrangements?

    If you or any dependents who are applying with you have a medical or physical condition which may require special arrangements to be made in order for your biometric features to be recorded, you must obtain a letter or other document giving the details of any such condition and enclose it with your application. Appropriate documentary evidence would be a letter from a treating clinician, such as a practicing doctor registered with the General Medical Council, giving details of the condition and/or special needs and explaining any arrangements that may be necessary.

  • What happens if I refuse to give my biometrics?

    If an applicant fails to make arrangements to provide their biometrics their application will be rejected.

  • Why do I have to be fingerprinted again when I gave my biometrics overseas as part of my visa/entry clearance application?

    This is to verify that an individual making an application is the same person who applied for the visa overseas and who came through the border.

  • Are children below 12 years required to be present in person to lodge visa application at the visa application centre?

    No, it is not mandatory for children below 12 years to be present in person to lodge the application at the visa application centre. However, it is mandatory for both parents to attend the visa application centre to lodge the application as they are required to sign the form which will be provided only at the visa application centre.

  • Can children between the age group of 12 to 18 years lodge an application without any accompanying adult?

    No, children between the age group of 12 to 18 years are required to be accompanied either by a parent or by a guardian to lodge an application at the visa application centre. The accompanying adult is required to be present in the biometric booth at the time of biometric enrollment

  • Where can I access more information?

    You can get more information at the Visa Application Center