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Business Visit


Business travelers and representatives of business organizations.

Applicant will have to provide evidence that he/she falls under this category.

To optimize the process of documents submission, please, use the following check-list. Using it, you can check if you have required documents to submit according to the chosen visa category and arrange the documents in the required order. You can find full requirements to every point of the check-list in the “Documents Required” section.

In order to submit the documents, applicants must visit the Visa Application Centers in person and provide biometric data (fingerprints and digital photograph).

Visa Application Centres working hours are: 08.30 – 15.30 (Monday to Friday except weekends and holidays).

Visa Fees

Consular fee per applicant Service fee per applicant Courier fee Form filling fee Photocopy service
35 €* (Visa for citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova as per Visa Facilitation agreement) Please, use the following link to view the effective service fee. UAH 150,00 UAH 75,00 UAH 2,5
60 €* (For other nationalities according to the Visa Code)
0 € (Visa for child, pensioners, Ukrainian nationals under 18 years of age and as specified in the facilitation agreement)
*payable cash in Euro to the bank account of the Embassy of Republic of Lithuania The charge includes VAT and payable in national currency at the Visa Application Centre. Optional service (VAT included) Optional service (VAT included) Optional service (VAT included)

Visa Facilitation Agreement between the European Community and the countries of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova, determines the visa fees. For other nationalities the fees are determined by the Visa Code of EU. All paid consular and service fees are non-refundable despite of the decision.

Documents Required

In general the applicant is advised to provide documentation in original. Additional documentation may be required. In case the applicant cannot give the VAC the original version of the document, a copy must be added and the original shown at the VAC.

General requirements:

  1. Application form

    It is recommended to fill in a visa application form online. In case of difficulties with filling in application form, you can use form filling service at the Visa Application Center (more here).

    Completed and signed.

  2. Photograph

    In colour, 3,5*4,5 cm

    Facing forward, white background

    Photo not older than 6 months, in compliance with ICAO specifications.

    Photos that do not comply with these standards are not accepted

  3. Travel document (International passport(s))

    The travel document must satisfy all criteria enlisted in art 12 of the Visa Code: be valid for at least three months after the intended date of (last) departure from the Schengen area, containing at least two blank “VISAS” pages and issued within the previous ten years.

    The applicant must also present all other valid passports and, if available, the expired ones (not older than 3 years).

    The applicant must submit a copy of the page with a photograph and pages containing records and Schengen visas of the international passports.

  4. Internal passport

    The applicant must present the original and submit a copy of the pages containing records of the internal passport.

  5. Residence permit

    Other countries national should provide a copy of valid Residence permit in Ukraine and present the original.

    ATTENTION! There should be a mark (stamp) in your travel document confirming the issue of that Residence permit mentioning the series and number of Residence permit.
    Also applicant should submit a copy and present the original of a Tax payer Identity Number if an applicant is a registered tax payer in Ukraine.

  6. Travel medical insurance

    Travel medical insurance covering the entire period of the intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgency medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 EUR.

    Applicants for a visa for more than two entries (multiple entries) shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance covering the period of their first intended visit. In addition, such applicants shall sign the statement, set out in the application form, declaring that they are aware of the need to be in possession of travel medical insurance for subsequent stays.

  7. Minors that are travelling

    Written consent from the parent/parents not travelling with the child. The written consent must have a stamp of a Notary public and has to be presented in original. If there is only one custodian, a birth certificate, the court decision on sole custody, death certificate or other document must be presented to prove this.

    Copies of the parents’ national passports data pages or international passports pages containing records and visas.

    Birth certificate – original and copy.

    For endorsed minors – a photo must be pasted and sealed into the parent’s passport in spite of child’s age.

  8. Proof of activity and income as evidence of ties with Ukraine

    Employed persons:

    • Employment certificate confirming the position of employee, the date of employment, and the duration of the leave of absence.

      The letter must give the name and position of the person signing, contact information for the company and registration information for the company.

    • The salary gained within the previous period of 6 months.

    Private entrepreneurs:

    • License/registration with relevant Ukrainian authorities of the individual company


    • Most recent tax statement.

    Unemployed persons:.

    • A written and signed statement explaining the financial situation of the traveler.


    • Pension certificate

    Students and pupils:

    • Confirmation from educational establishment with confirmation of leave of absence.

    Alternatively, as appropriate:

    • Proof of ownership of property (land, house, car, or others if relevant)


    • Most recent tax statements (for first time travelers).

    ATTENTION! Applicants who have been refused of issue a visa by the Embassy of any Schengen country for the last year must provide a Certificate issued by Pension fund of Ukraine: OK-7 Form – Individual data on insured person.

  9. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover expenses to travel to the Schengen area

    All applicants must document that they have the necessary financial means to cover the cost of the planned travel and the return to the home country by one of the following:


    Expenses may be covered by the host or other third persons. The document that proves other person covering such expenses shall be a statement approved by public Notary and proof of income of the sponsor in original.

    By own means

    • Bank account showing sufficient funds and activity over the last three months


    • Traveler checks under the name of the applicant, duly signed, presented in original and copy.
    • An employment certificate confirming the employee's position, the salary gained within the previous period of 6 months, the date of employment, and the duration of the vacation,


    • The certificate of amount of the pension gained within the previous period of 6 months.

      If applicable, the applicant may present other proof of personal means, such as proof of real estate property or proof of car ownership.

  10. Written request (invitation) from host company. According to art. 4 (1) (b) of the VFA

    A written invitation from a host legal person or company, or an office or a branch of such legal person or company, State and local authorities of Lithuania or organizing committees of trade and industrial exhibitions, conferences and symposia held in the territory of Lithuania.

    Alternatively, electronic invitation approved by Migration Office in Lithuania may be provided.

  11. In case of visit of fares/conferences

    A written request from the host organization confirming that the person concerned is participating in the event.

    Alternatively, electronic invitation approved by Migration Office in Lithuania may be provided.

  12. In case an applicant is a second hand vehicle dealer

    Export declarations and invoices (original) or certificate of temporary registration of the vehicle.

Please note:

Written request (invitation) from host company must be submitted in original along with the visa application.

Photo Specifications

A Photograph submitted with the application form should comply with the following specifications:

  • Must be an up to date photograph (not more than 6 months old)
  • Must be a colour photograph printed on normal photographic paper
  • Should be passport sized 3,5 х 4,5 сm
  • Face should take 70-80% of the photograph
  • The size of the face from the bottom of your chin to the hairline must be between 31mm and 36mm
  • The background shall be plain and light coloured
  • Without sunglasses
  • Without hat or other head covering unless you wear this for religious reasons
  • Spectacles should not have toned or reflecting glasses
  • The frame of the spectacles may not cover the eyes
  • The mouth must be closed

Please note that photos that do not comply with these standards are not accepted.

Processing Time

Application procession time is defined by the Article 23 of the Visa Code and Article 7 of the Agreement between the European Community and Ukraine on the facilitation of the issuance of visas. Usually decision on a visa application is made within a period of 10-30 calendar days excluding day of submission. It is advised to submit visa application at least 30 calendar days before the intended visit. A visa application cannot be submitted earlier than three months before the intended date of travel.

In some cases, which are exclusively determined by the Embassy, processing time can be extended up to 60 calendar days.

Processing procedure and time are solely of competence of the Embassy of Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine.

Urgent processing of visa application is provided in cases when the urgency is based on the applicant’s living far away from the VAC. Please note, that the Embassy has the right to refuse fast track procedure. Also, the Embassy can refuse procession of the application in case application in not admissible as defined by the Visa Code.

While submitting your documents for urgent processing, you can mention dates of the first trip only, where you require urgent processing. It is not possible to request issuance of multi entrance visa together with urgent processing.

Urgent processing of visa application for Ukrainian citizens may take up to 5 working days: 1 day – application submission, 3 days – application consideration at the Embassy, 1 day – passport collection. Urgent processing is possible if the urgency if fairly proven. The Consular section does not guarantee that the decision will be taken in the frame of terms, as occurrence of necessity of additional consultations is possible. Urgent procedure also implies that all the supporting documents are present and the application DOES NOT need more information for decision taking.

In case applicant wills to apply for an urgent processing of visa application, one should provide fully prepaid plane tickets (the fact should be confirmed), and in case of travelling by personal vehicle - confirmation of full payment for accommodation in Lithuania should be provided. Please note, proof of accommodation from resource will not be accepted.

Family members (only spouses and infant children are considered to be family members) of Lithuanian, EU, EEA and Swiss nationals, and Ukrainian nationals of Lithuanian origin, can expect for urgent processing of documents without proving the necessity for urgency. A written request for urgent processing from an applicant would be enough (fully prepaid tickets for transfer are NOT required).

Visa fee amount for urgent processing is 70.

Download Form

Dear Applicants,
Please note that:
Effective 26 May 2014 the Visa application Centre introduced the Form Filling service for the convenience of the applicants at the centre.
The service is purely optional and the applicants may avail this service at a nominal price of UAH 75 (all taxes included).
Please contact the VAC staff to know more about the Form Filling service.

Forms listed below must be filled in completely (in Ukrainian, English, Russian or Lithuanian languages only) and must be signed by the applicant himself/herself.

You can find an example of filled in visa application form here.

Please note that application form for Schengen visa should be signed twice. Application forms with one signature would not be accepted.

New Visa application form can be filled in online and then printed out. Forms are also available at the Visa Application Centre (free of charge).

Please download and fill in Personal Data Agreement. The Personal Data Agreement is also available at Visa Application Centres. To download Personal Data Agreement, please click here. Please note that Personal Data Agreement must be signed by the applicant in person.

Effective 26 May 2014 Visa Application Centre will be introducing the Form Filling service for the convenience of the applicants at the VAC. The service is purely optional and the applicants may avail this service at a nominal price of UAH 75 (all taxes included). Please contact the VAC staff to know more about the Form Filling service.