Luxembourg Visa Information - India - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
A Visa is an authorization issued by the representative of the Government of a country permitting a person not resident in that country to enter its boundaries.

In India, The Embassy of Luxembourg in New Delhi is the sole representatives of Luxembourg, who issue visas for their country.

VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is the preferred outsourced partner to Embassy of Luxembourg in India. VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd’s Application Centers function as collection and processing centers for Schengen Visas to Luxembourg.

You can contact the Luxembourg Visa Application Centre via our Helpline, Email or in person. Please see the contact information section of our website for our telephone number, email & contact address with centre timings.

Applicants are free to apply up to 90 days prior to their date of travel. The Embassy recommends that you apply at least 3 weeks prior to your date of travel to accommodate any unplanned processing delays.

The Luxembourg Visa Application Centre does not prepare visa applications, but accepts and processes applications in accordance with the Embassy instructions.

The Luxembourg Visa Application Centre is an acceptance centre and does not advise/recommend any visa type to a prospective applicant. The Applicant will have to find out the visa category he is eligible for based on the purpose of travel.

If your application does not have the documents that are recommended by the Embassy, you will be asked if you wish to proceed with the application as it is. With your consent, your application will be accepted and processed by us.

Once the application has been processed by the Luxembourg Embassy and your passport has been returned to VFS, you will need to bring your receipt and acceptance proof with you for collection of your passport.

In your absence, along with your receipt an authority letter from you in the name of your representative with his Identity proof Photo copy will be required.

All fees are non-refundable and will not be returned if your visa application is refused by the Embassy.

You will receive a letter from the Embassy of Luxembourg in your return application which will mention the reasons for refusal.