Apply for
VISA to Malaysia
Documents Required
  Visa Application Form filled completely with block capital letters and duly signed by the applicant.
Note : For applicant applying in Kolkata and Chandigarh (back to back Application Form is to be filled)
  Original passport (Machine readable) with two copies of bio page for applicants applying in South and twocopies for applicants applying in West (Pune and Ahmedabad).
  Passport should be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Malaysia.
  Please ensure three complete blank pages in the passport for the purpose of visa stamping and approval.(Applicants applying from Chandigarh, Kolkata Bangalore and Hyderabad,)( two blank pages in the passport for Applicants applying in Ahmedabad & Pune)
  3 recent photograph 3.5 cm * 5cm 60% - 70% face appearance in white background only.-(For applicants applying in Bangalore and Hyderabad,)

2 recent photographs (one loose and one on application form), Photograph specification: 3.5 cm x 5cm 60% - 70% face appearance in white background. Photographs clearly show from crown to shoulders (For applicants applying in Chandigarh and Kolkata)
  2 recent photographs for applicants applying in Ahmedabad and Pune. The specification of the photograph required would be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm 70% of face appearance with clear view of neck and shoulders along with white background
  Confirmed returned air-ticket with flight details and E-ticket no. (Original and copy).
  Covering letter (For business purpose, covering letter has to be on original company’s letter head for applicants applying in Pune and Ahmedabad)
  If a minor is travelling to Malaysia without parents, then the following documents need to be submitted:(Applicable for applicants applying in Ahmedabad and Pune)
NOC from both parents.
Passport photocopies of parents and the accompanying members.
Parent’s passport copy needs to be attached irrespective of parent travelling along with the Minor or not.
  If 1st port of entry is Singapore and then Malaysia, Copy of Valid Singapore Visa is required to submit.
  For Applicants applying in Kolkata and Chandigarh- In case of first time travelling outside the country or new passport with no prior travel stamps, submit 3 months recent bank statement (Self or Sponsor’s) with original endorsement from bank and support letter from sponsor stating relationship to applicant. (exception for minors 17 years and below)
  If applicants holding fresh Passport then last three months bank statement need to be submitted which should be certified by the concern bank (Original Stamp of Bank).
  All applications submitted in  Ahmedabad and Pune have to submit their last 1 month updated bank statement with original seal and sign with minimum 30,000 INR balance for individual and 60,000 INR balance for applicant bearing all the expenses for accompanying members.(Mandatory for all Tourist and business applications)
If the bank statement requirement is not fulfilled the applicant wishing to apply has to submit bank statement along with confirm hotel bookings(Booking.com not accepted) for entire stay in Malaysia even though the balance in account is zero.
Note:- Applicant Submitting Bank Passbook Photo Copy has to get it updated and attested(Original Seal and Sign)from Bank.
1)   A photocopy of all the supporting documents of the primary applicant, (like bank statement, covering letter, tickets, invitation letter, etc) needs to be attached to the secondary applicant too (in case of a family or large group)
  Visa fee, OSC Charges and VFS Service Charges must be paid at the time of submission.
  Airlines staff need to submit the confirm return air tickets, open tickets and buddy pass is not acceptable. (Not applicable to applications submitted in Bangalore and Hyderabad)
  Note: For applicants applying in Ahmedabad & Pune (Airlines staff only)

Original Letter of confirmation from Airline on Airlines Original Letter head mentioning (name, designation, passport details, family member details if travelling along the Applicant and the eligibility to travel with an open ticket) with Original Seal & Sign from the Airline.
Applicant has to provide Airline ID card copy along with the application.
  Foreign Nationals are required to submit original recent NOC (Within One Month) from their respective Embassy. (Applicants applying in Chandigarh and Kolkata)
  Foreign National’s will have to submit a valid address proof of India.
  Identity certificate holders applying from Chandigarh and Kolkata are required to submit a letter from the office of Dalai Lama and No Objection to Return to India (NORI) to be stamped from FRRO in addition to required documents.
  Religious practitioners (Monks, Gurus, Priests, etc.) applying from Chandigarh and Kolkata must submit sponsorship letter from the Sponsor/religious institution with complete applicant details.

* All documents must be in A4 size

Please ensure to have three complete blank pages in the passport for the purpose of visa stamping and approval. – Mandatory requirement for The Consulate General of Malaysia in Chennai and High Commission of Malaysia in New Delhi.

Note : For Applicants submitting their Applications in Ahmedabad & Pune:

Passports which are not issued from Maharashtra/Madhya Pradesh/Gujarat/Goa needs to submit either one of the two mandatory documents along with an optional document.

1. Lease and License Agreement (Mandatory)
2. Address proof in the Companies letter head (Original) if the Company has provided accommodation.
3. Marriage Certificate
4. Aadhar Card.
5. Original Society Letter (Mandatory)

The Consulate General of Malaysia in Chennai requires the following mandatory documents for applicant whose passports are issued outside of Southern India.

Original Letter from the employer specifying the residence address- Mandatory. (The letter should address to the Malaysia Consulate Chennai).
Copy of birth certificate or Marriage certificate in case of applicant accompanying as a tourist.
Bonafide certificate (if student)- Mandatory
Bank statement for last 6 months mentioning the residence address of South India- Mandatory.


Step 1
Before applying, please ensure you are very clear on your ‘purpose of visit’ – do remember we are here to assist and help you through the entire visa application process but are not permitted to advise or guide you on choosing a visa category. Since our work is primarily administrative in nature, we have no say on whether you will be granted a visa and how long it will take to process, as this is entirely the prerogative of the Consulate. You may refer to the link ‘All about Visas’ to understand details of various visas.

Step 2
Complete your visa application form and affix your photograph. You may download the form from this websites.

Step 3
Ensure photos are as per specifications.

Step 4
Attach all supporting documents required as per checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.

Step 5
Submit your application at the VFS centres in, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad along with the applicable fees in cash and Demand Draft as applicable.

Step 6
Track your application online

Step 7
Collect your passport from the VFS centre or wait for courier delivery.


If you are retrieving your passport in person, you must bring with you :-

1. The original acknowledgement slips provided to you by VFS Global when you deposited your application at the Malaysia Visa Application Center.

2. Your original national ID card or other official proof of identification containing a photograph.

3. A copy of your photographic ID.

If you plan to use a representative/travel agent to collect your passport on your behalf:-

1. The original acknowledgement slips provided to you by VFS Global when you deposited your application at the Malaysia Visa Application Center.

2. You are requested to provide individual authorization letters, signed by the respective applicants.

3. Representative original National ID card or other official proof of identification containing a photograph.

4. A copy of your representative photographic ID.