Filipino Diplomatic and Official passport holders

Official & Diplomatic passport holders

With reference to Philippine Diplomatic and Service passport holders, travelling to Schengen area via Schiphol, Amsterdam the following information is important:

In accordance with immigration regulations as stated in the Dutch Aliens Act, in general, it is required for travellers with Philippine passports to apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Kingdom of  the Netherlands, prior to arrival at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands.

Consequently, Philippine travelers holding a diplomatic or service passport who benefit from the exemption of a Schengen visa (as agreed by Philippine authorities based on the principle of reciprocity with a number of Schengen states, i.e. Sweden; Switzerland; etc.) are therefore still required to have a valid Schengen visa at the moment of entrance in the Schengen area via Schiphol Amsterdam,  the Netherlands, regardless of the fact that their final destination may grant visa exemption for such Philippine diplomatic or service passport holders.

For Diplomatic or Official travel –  kindly visit Embassy’s website : Click here