Caribbean Short Stay Visa


As of 10 October 2010 it is possible to visit more than one Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands using a single non-Schengen visa. The visa is valid for all parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean for a visit as a tourist or for a short stay in the countries Aruba, Curaçao and St Maarten and for the Dutch Caribbean islands Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba.

For more information about Caribbean visa such as whether you require a Caribbean visa, click here.

Visa Validity

When you receive your visa, please read it carefully and inform the Netherlands Visa Application Centre if you find an error. Correction of any errors discovered after leaving the Visa Application Centre will require new visa registration and payment of new handling fee.

Application for a Minor

If you are applying for a Caribbean visa for a minor, on the application day you also have to bring the original Birth Certificate of the minor and a copy of the identity papers (with the signature) of both parents. Both of the parents of the minor have to attend the application to sign in front of the submission officer. If one or both of the parents cannot attend on the application day, they have to submit a Notarial letter signed by the parent or parents who are unable to attend the application appointment.

If you are applying for a Caribbean visa for a minor who will be travelling alone or with 1 parent, you also have to submit a declaration of consent from both parents, stating that the minor has permission to travel.

If relevant also bring a court judgment stating which parent has been allocated parental responsibility for the minor and a declaration from the minor’s school consenting to their absence.

Visa Fees

Dutch Caribbean Visa Php  2,160 Php 1,620 Php  3,780

Documents Required

  • A recent passport photograph, in colour, that satisfies prevailing international standards on size and composition;
  • Proof of reservation for the journey (return ticket);
  • Proof of a hotel reservation, if you are staying in a hotel or apartment;
  • A valid travel document (e.g. passport) valid at least three months beyond the validity of the visa;
  • A copy of the travel document’s personal information/signature page and any previously issued visa;
  • A guarantor’s declaration if your purpose of travel is a family visit or if you are travelling to the country concerned at the invitation of a resident, organisation or other body.
  • Proof of sufficient means of support (e.g. bank statements of last three months, letter of employer, recent tax return);
  • If you are not a national of the country in which you are resident, a copy of your valid residence permit;
  • Valid health insurance or travel insurance (including medical coverage) providing cover of at least 15,000 US dollars.
  • There may be extra requirements depending on your purpose of travel.


  • Please enclose all the above documents in 1 long brown envelope. Please do not write anything on the envelope.

Photo Specifications

Please click here for more information on photo specifications

Processing Time

The processing time for a Caribbean visa is generally about 1 week.  Applicants are strongly advised to make an appointment well in advance of the travel date so that their application is submitted at VFS at least 3 to 4 weeks before the travel date but no earlier than three (3) months prior to their departure. Please be aware that in the run-up to holidays (generally the period March up to and including July) and festive seasons the waiting time to get an appointment increases considerably.

Please note: After applying for your visa, you will not be able to borrow your passport back while your visa application is being processed.  

Also, kindly only make travel plans that you can cancel until your passport has been returned to you.

Download Forms

When filling this form, please ready your passport and travel itinerary.

Please click below to download the Visa Application Form:

  Visa Application Form (Caribbean)