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Welcome to the website of The Netherlands Visa Call and Information Center in Thailand operated by VFS.

The Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands, Bangkok has outsourced the appointment scheduling for Schengen visa, related Schengen visa information and a few administrative tasks. The Visa Call and Information Center has no impact on the outcome of the visa decision or the processing time.

For Prospective Applicants
Should you wish to apply for a Schengen visa for The Netherlands, please read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site are to assist you to prepare your application as accurately as possible and to avoid an incomplete application.

Please note that the visa fee for a short term visa to the Netherlands does not exceed more than 60 Euros or its equivalent in Thai Baht. Please also be aware that the embassy of Netherlands is not represented by any Agency or Representative or Partner for collection of visa fees and acceptance of Applications.

The Embassy has appointed VFS Global, only, for assisting in setting up of appointments and providing information support through the helpline and email at an additional cost of 480 THB per application. For more information, you may call the VFS helpline at +66 (02) 118 7003.

Please note : After applying for the Visa, the applicants will not be able to borrow their passports from the Embassy. The processing time for a Visa Application is 15 days.

Also, Kindly plan for your other travel, ONLY after you receive your passports back from the Embassy.

Applicants are advised to make an appointment at least 3 weeks prior to your departure date, however, not sooner than three (3) months prior to your departure to the Netherlands. In the period March, April, May applicants are advised to book at least 4 weeks prior to your departure to the Netherlands in view of peak season. All applicants will receive an automated email alert once a decision is made. The date of couriering the passports by EMS (Thailand Post) will be notified to them.

Step 1 : Pay the VFS service charge of 480 THB per application by cash only at any of the Bank of Ayudhya branches.
Download Payment Form. Each applicant will need to fill individual pay in slips.
Ensure that you carry a photocopy of your current Passport to the bank. The bank will not be able to accept your payment without the Passport copy.
Fill in the payment slip, a copy of which will be returned to you by the bank which remains valid for 30 days from the date of deposit.
Step 2 : Wait for 1 working day and click here to schedule an appointment at the Embassy. (How to book appointment)
Step 3 : Prepare your visa application and follow the instructions mentioned on this website and hand in your documents at the Embassy as per the scheduled appointment. Kindly carry your photograph to the Embassy at the time of submitting your application and do not stick the photograph on the application form.
Step 4 : Receive your processed passport by EMS (Thai Post).

please click here to track your application by entering the barcode number provided to you when you booked your appointment.
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