Visitor Visa


A visitor visa allows you to stay in New Zealand as a visitor for a limited amount of time, It allows you to:

  • Visit as a tourist
  • Business Visit
  • Visit friends or relatives
  • Play sport or perform in cultural events without pay
  • Enter New Zealand to get married
  • Undertake short-term study.

A visitor visa allows you to study one or more courses of up to a total of three months in each of the 12-month periods your visa is valid. School-aged visitor visa holders can attend a primary, intermediate, or secondary school for a single period of study of up to three months per calendar year provided the study finishes within that calendar year. You are also not permitted to study in term one of a school year if you held a visitor visa and undertook a single period of study in term four of the previous year. If you want to study for longer than three months you will need to apply for a student visa.

You will need to apply for a visitor visa before you come to New Zealand if you are not from a visa-waiver country,

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Visa Fees

The Visa Fees, VFS Global Service Fee are applicable per application. The visa fee can be paid together or separately as per applicant’s requirements.

New Zealand Visa Application Centre will accept all of the payment in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

For Visa fee, please refer to Visa Fee for more information.

For VFS Global Service Fee kindly refer to the below table: -

Applicantion Fee
Application Lodgement IDR 258,500 per application
Passport Handling – Online Application IDR 194,000 per application
Courier Return  Zone 1-Sumatra, Java Bali IDR50,000 per application
Zone 2-Kalimantan, Sulawesi IDR100,000 per application
Zone 3-Irian Jaya, Ambon dan Nusa Tenggara IDR150,000 per application
SMS IDR 20,000 per application

For more information on Valued Added Services, please refer to “Additional Services”.

Mode of Payment:

In Person:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Please be informed that a remote credit card payment is unavailable at New Zealand VAC in Indonesia).
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer

Lodgement for bulk application :

  • BNI Virtual Account

    This service aims to facilitate payment of visa applications in large quantities. To obtain a Virtual Account number, applicants are required to send an email to our helpdesk at with a list of names, the number of visa applications along with the type of visa application category. Applicants will be directed further for the next step.

By Post:

Bank details for transfer:

Account Number: 306-0897993-4
Branch CODE: 050
Swift CODE: SCBLIDJX (International Transfer Only)

*New Zealand Visa Application Centre will not bear any bank charges.

Include the below information along with your application:

  • Remittance Date
  • The name of the banking facility
  • Remitter Name
  • Remittance Amount

Also email the below details to -

  • Copy of remittance receipt
  • Detail of applicant

Terms and condition:

  • If the visa fee, VAC service fee and the courier fee are not paid, the NZVAC will not be able to lodge your visa application and it may be returned to you.
  • Kindly be informed that visa fee, VAC service fee and other optional additional service(s) fees are non-refundable if the visa application is refused, withdrawn, and or if the optional service(s) are cancelled by the applicant.
  • The original NZVAC payment receipt should be handed over during the passport collection. If the original receipt was lost, kindly provide a statement letter from the primary applicant along with his/her copy of ID. If the original receipt was lost and the passport need to be collected by a representative, kindly provide an authorization letter from the primary applicant along with copies of ID of the primary applicant and the representative.

Documents Required

Before visiting NZVAC, applicants are requested for their kind cooperation in making sure that the recommended documents are provided and sorted out as per the checklist.

All document including passport should provide in a clear copy.

Please click here to obtain the checklist of recommended supporting documents or contact us via email at for further information.

Photo Specifications

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has introduced new, stricter quality requirements for photographs accompanying visa applications. The new requirements, similar to passport photos, are needed to support a new immigration identity management system that improves detection of people trying to commit identity fraud. INZ recommends that visa applicants submit photos taken by a professional photographer or a business set up to take passport photos. The detailed new Acceptable Photo requirements are available on the INZ website. The website also provides guidance on how to respond to specific error messages. (Note: the INZ Immigration Contact Centre will not be able to help resolve photo upload errors if applying through Immigration ONLINE).

Click here for more information

Processing Time

Please click here to obtain information for processing time.

Since our work is primarily administrative in nature. All visa application decisions are made by the INZ officers at the New Zealand Embassy.

Download Forms

The visa application form is a mandatory document which applicants must submit to NZVAC when applying for a New Zealand visa. Applicants are requested to fill out the correct form according to the type of visa they would like to apply for. The form has to be completed without fail as per the guidelines provided by INZ.

Please click here to obtain the guidelines and visa application form.