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It is mandatory to schedule an appointment {free of charge} for submitting your visa application in person at the Spain Visa Application Center in the address below:

Spain Visa Application Centre in
44, Office #G,
Second Floor, Giza Street, Giza
Cairo, Egypt .

Jurisdiction to apply

Only residents in any of the following provinces: Fayum, Ismailia, Giza, Minya, Cairo, New Valley, Suez, Aswan, Asyut, Beni Suef, Port Saïd, South Sinai, Qina, North Sinai, Sohag and Kalyubeya have the right to apply for visa in Cairo.
Residents from other Governorates are kindly requested to present their applications at the Spanish Consulate in Alexandria. Contact details:, telephone 03-3939185, fax 03-3922226
To cancel/ reschedule your appointment please write to with the name, contact number, email id, passport details and the travelling date and we would respond to you within 2 working days according to availability. Alternatively you can contact our call centre at +20233323000.
Procedures & policy for groups:

Schedule Appointment

If you wish to cancel your appointment please send your Reference Number, Passport Number & Surname to
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