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Residence visas and other categories
Residence visa allows the holder to reside in Spain for duration of more than 90 days in accordance with the purpose of stay in Spain.

Application for residence visas must be submitted personally by the applicant at the Embassy of Spain, located in New Delhi or Consulate General of Spain in Mumbai in accordance with the current place of residence of the applicant. See link “Where to apply”.

Citizens and residents of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives must submit the applications personally at the Embassy of Spain in India, located in New Delhi.

The applicants are requested to read all the instructions carefully before submission of their respective visa applications. Granting a visa is the prerogative of the Embassy for each application. Submission of all the documents does not imply “right” to be granted a visa.

Applicable with effect from 05 June 2013, all applications submitted under residence visa category( family regrouping, students, work permit) at the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi, must be accompanied by the spanish translation by an official transalator of the Marriage/birth/death certificate, PCC and medical certificate as per the requirement under each individual category. These translations must further be legalized by the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi.

If required, after submission of the application, the applicant can be requested to submit additional documents or appear for personal interview.

Applicants, who come under the jurisdiction of Consulate General of Spain in Mumbai, require prior appointment to submit their applications for Residence visas at the Consulate General of Spain. For appointments, please call VFS Visa Application Centre on 91 22 619028524 or 18002096151 or please send an email to VFS Visa application Centre at infowest.esin@vfshelpline.com

You must facilitate the name of each applicant, date of birth, passport number and the type of visa for which you wish to apply for, when requesting the appointment. For smooth processing of the applications, kindly ensure that your application contains all the documents enlisted in the list of basic requirements. However, you can be requested further documentation, after your application has been submitted.

Appointments must be requested taking into account the deadlines to present the applications amongst others as in case of Family regrouping visas and Work visa categories.
In case the applicant is not fluent in English or Hindi, he/she must be accompanied by an interpreter fluent in either of two languages (English/Hindi). The interpreter must carry his/her passport. In absence of the passport, an identification document issued by the Government authorities can be presented.

See link “Which visa should I apply for” to find out about your visa category and related information.

The visa fee for long term visa is INR 4030 for each applicant.

Important :
Please note that the new visa fee for long term is with effect from 1 April 2015

Please click on the below links to download long term visa form

Visa form in English
Visa form in Spanish

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