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VISA to Spain
Frequently Asked Questions
Q.1 What is a Visa?
Ans A Visa is an authorisation issued by the representative of the Government of a country permitting a person, not resident in that country, to enter its boundaries.
Q.2 How do I know if I need a visa?
Ans Depending on your purpose of travel, you should log on to the website of the Consulate of Spain to check whether you are eligible or require a visa. Visit http://www.maec.es/subwebs/Consulados/Manila/en/home/Paginas/Home.aspx for details
Q.3 Can I apply at the Spain Visa Application Centre if I want to go to Rome or Paris? I can arrange for bookings accordingly?
Ans If you plan to apply for your Schengen visa at the Spain Visa Application Centre, your main destination and the maximum period of stay in the Schengen States must be in a Spanish city only. Please provide proof to support this information.
Q.4 Is the visa valid for Spain only?
Ans The Spanish Consulate issues visas for Spain and for the other Schengen states. The Schengen visa issued by the Spanish Consulate gives access to 25 Schengen countries in total. However, the Schengen Visa applications will only be accepted by The Spain Visa Application Centre if Spain is the country of maximum stay. Should the duration of the stay be the same in several Schengen States, Spain must be the first point of entry if making an application at the Spain Visa Application Centre.
Q.5 Who is VFS Services Philippines Private Inc?
Ans VFS Services Philippines Private Inc is the preferred outsourced partner to the Consulate of Spain in the Philippines. The Spain Visa Application Centre of VFS Services Philippines Private Inc functions as a collection and processing centre to guarantee a better service in response to the growing demand for Spanish visas from applicants residing in the Philippines.
Q.6 How can I contact the Spain Visa Application Centre?
Ans You can contact the Spain Visa Application Centre via the Helpline, by email or in person. Please see our contact information section for details.
Q.7 How early can I apply?
Ans Applicants are free to apply up to 90 days prior to their date of travel.
Q.8 Can the Spain Visa Application Centre prepare my application for me?
Ans The Spain Visa Application Centre does not prepare visa applications, but accepts and processes applications in accordance with the Consulate's instructions.
Q.9 How do I submit my application at the Application Centre?
Ans Applicants must book an appointment to submit your application. Please book your appointment.
Q.10 Do I have to come personally or can I send the application to the Spain Visa Application Centre?
Ans You must come personally to submit your visa application. For collection of passport, you can send an immediate member of your family if you are unable to make it in person. A letter of authorisation by you and proof of relationship will be required to allow your relative to collect on your behalf. Applications by Post are not allowed. You must visit the Spain Visa Application Centre in person to submit your application.
Q.11 What is the application procedure at the Spain Visa Application Centre?
Ans Applicants must book an appointment to submit your application. Click on Schedule Appointment . Applicants will be given a token at the entrance and be seated in the waiting area. (You can approach our Submission Counters when your token number is called). Our officers at the counter will collect your visa application form to check for completion and your photograph to see if it meets the required specifications. Your passport will be checked for validity, empty pages and previous travel information. Your fees will be collected in accordance with the visa category you have chosen and the documents you submit will be readied in the manner in which they are required by the Consulate General of Spain. You will be issued a receipt for the fees paid and given an acknowledgement for the submission of your passport.
Q.12 Which visa [category] should I apply for?
Ans The Spain Visa Application Centre is an acceptance centre and, as such, is not authorised to advise/recommend any visa type to a prospective applicant. The Applicant will have to find out the visa category he/she is eligible for based on the purpose of travel. He/she can do so by visiting the websites of the Consulate of Spain in the Philippines which is
Q.13 What are the documents required for a Spain Visa?
Ans After deciding the eligible visa category, applicants can log on
or on to the Spain Visa Application Centre's website www.vfsglobal.com/spain/philippines to check the recommended documents for the Visa category they have chosen. Photocopies are recommended as documents will not be returned. Submit originals only where specified.
Q.14 What if I do not have all the documents?
Ans If your application is not accompanied by the documents that are recommended by the Consulate of Spain, you will be asked if you wish to proceed with the application as it is, i.e. without all the recommended documents. Should you consent to this, your application will be registered in our system and accepted for visa application submission. Incomplete applications will lead to processing delays.
Q.15 What proof will I have that Spain Visa Application Centre has my visa application?
Ans When your application is registered in our system, you will be issued a receipt for the fees you have paid.
Q.16 Will the application centre give me acknowledgement of the documents that I have submitted?
Ans The Spain Visa Application Centre will not issue any documents other than the receipts for fees collected.
Q.17 What are the applicable fees?
Ans Every Visa application needs to be accompanied by a visa fee for the amount applicable to your chosen visa category. This can be paid through cash at counters inside the Visa Application Centre. Besides the visa fee, there is a service charge of Php 1,170 (inclusive of VAT) applicable per application. You also have the option of requesting for the return of your documents by Courier for an additional fee of Php 330 per application. You may also avail of our SMS service at a cost of Php 110, so you can keep track of your application even when your on the go.
Q.18 What is procedure to get my passport back?
Ans You will need to bring your receipt and 2 valid IDs with you from 14:.00-16:00 Mondays to Fridays except declared holidays.
Q.19 What if I cannot return to collect my passport in person?
Ans In your absence, along with your receipt and valid IDs, an authority letter from you in the name of your relative will be required. We can post the application to you by courier at an additional nominal cost. However, this request needs to be made at the time of submitting your application and cannot be requested at a later date.
Q.20 What should I provide as proof of relationship or my spouse's nationality?
Ans Photocopies of your Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate are the only documents that will be accepted as proof of relationship. Photocopies of your spouse's national passport can be accepted as proof of nationality.
Q.21 Can the Spain Visa Application Centre post my passport back?
Ans The Spain Visa Application Centre can post your application as long as the address is provided at the time your application is being registered. Applications will be returned via 2GO Aboitiz only. You must make your preferred delivery mode known at the time of submission, as once your receipt is issued; we cannot change the mode of return of your application.
Q.22 Will I get my visa at the end of the process?
Ans As an application centre, the Spain Visa Application Centre will not be able to guarantee you a visa. The issuance or refusal of a visa is the sole prerogative of The Consulate of Spain. The Spain Visa Application Centre cannot influence this decision in any way.
Q.23 If I have to travel elsewhere and my passport is still with the Consulate of Spain, is it possible for me to have only my passport back for travel? What if I decide to withdraw my application?
Ans If your passport is with the Consulate and you have interim travel plans, please prepare a covering letter which has your contact and passport information. Mention the reason why you would like your passport in the interim in this covering letter and bring this to the Spain Visa Application Centre. Along with this letter, a form needs to be completed and submitted at the Application Centre. Once your travel is complete, please return your passport to permit your application processing. Should you wish to withdraw your application completely, please follow the same process but mention that you would like to withdraw your application completely. We would like to inform you that your fees will not be refunded at any stage.
Q.24 Will my fees be refunded if my visa is refused?
Ans All fees are non-refundable and will not be refunded if your visa application is not successful.
Q.25 When can I reapply; is there a timeframe after the refusal that I must wait before reapply?
Ans You may re-apply 6 months after you were denied or refused a visa.
Q.26 What if I am not happy with the response I receive from the person on the helpline?
Ans You can ask for the Manager on shift at any time during your enquiry if you unhappy with the response you have received from the helpline.
Q.27 Do I need Travel Insurance?
Ans You are required to provide Travel Insurance on all occasions, with an exception of Airport Transit Visa.

Step 1
Short Stay visa applicants have the option to apply directly at the Consulate General of Spain. An appointment must be secured through calling our hotline +789 4904 or through email (info.esph@vfshelpline.com). Please click here for more details.

Spouses and family members of EU nationals must apply for short stay visa directly at the Spain Consulate General. VFS shall only book appointment but not process applications for the aforementioned cases. Spouses can walk in during Fridays at the Consulate to lodge their application, whilst family members should book an appointment by calling us at +789 4904 or email us at info.esph@vfshelpline.com. Also, applications for long stay visas and legalisation of documents have to be submitted and paid directly at the premises of the Consulate General of Spain on the day of the appointment. VFS will only book appointment for both long stay visas and legalisation cases.

Step 2
Only short term visas would be accepted at the VFS centre. For long stay visas and legalisation cases, please give us a call at +632-7894904 or email us at info.esph@vfshelpline.com with your complete name, passport number, contact numbers, preferred date and time of appointment. Also, kindly indicate whether this request is for long stay appointment or legalisation case. Please click here for details.

Step 3
Before applying, please ensure you are very clear on your ‘purpose of visit’ – do remember we are here to assist and help you through the entire visa application process but are not permitted to advise or guide you on choosing a visa category. Since our work is primarily administrative in nature, we have no say on whether you will be granted a visa or how long it will take to process your application, as this is entirely the prerogative of the Consulate General.

Step 4
Please visit the link “All About Your Visas” to understand details of various visas.

Step 5
Please ensure you read the security regulation notices before you visit the Visa Application Centre.