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VISA to Switzerland
All about your Visa
Switzerland applies the Schengen regulations concerning the issuance of visas. In most cases, the visa is valid for entering the territory of all Schengen member states. This also applies to Schengen visas issued by other Schengen States which permit entry to Switzerland.
The Schengen regulations apply to the examination of requests for short-term stay visas whose validity does not exceed 90 days, within a 6 months period.

Processing Time

The processing time is generally 2 weeks for a short stay visa (in some rare occasions can take up to 2 months). However, no visa applications will be accepted if the journey is planned in more than 90 days or less than 2 weeks after the submission.

The former Swiss visa is still valid to enter Switzerland until its date of expiry but it does not entitle to enter other Schengen states.

IMPORTANT: Swiss Consulate General in Dubai has the right to call any applicants for personal interview at the Consulate and / or ask for supporting documents in addition to the list of documents provided on this site under each visa category.

Schengen visa has to be obtained from the Embassy or Consulate of the country where the MAIN PURPOSE OF TRAVEL lies. In case of travel to multiple Schengen countries, please make your application to the Consulate where you will be staying for the maximum number of days. In case the duration of stay in the Schengen countries is same for each country, then visa application should be submitted to the country where the applicant's "First Point of Entry" is. Please check your travel plans before submitting your application.

The former Swiss visa is still valid to enter Switzerland until its date of expiry but it does not entitle to enter other Schengen states

List of Schengen Countries
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic

How to Apply for a Visa?

Visa submission can only be done in person,on appointment basis only at the Consulate General of Switzerland in Dubai

To book an appointment click here
For additional information please call 04-376 4160 from 09.00 to 17.00 (Sunday to Thursday)

Please note effective 25 November our contact number will change to 04-2055888

There will be a charge for these services; please enquire with the agencies.

Other important notice!

The passport must be valid for three months beyond the stay in the Schengen states
The application form must be duly completed (in full) and signed by the applicant
During the processing time the passport has to remain with the Consulate General of Switzerland  
The visa fee has to be paid upon submission of the visa application (please see details below)
No fee is refunded for rejected visa applications
No information on the status of the visa is given before the collection date.
You must have sufficient financial resources to cover your cost of living in Switzerland; as a rule, an amount of CHF100 per day is considered sufficient.
The Swiss Consulate General/Consulate may demand a declaration of sponsorship.
A visa without explicit authorization by the responsible authorities allows only a temporary stay in Switzerland.
You may enter Switzerland only during the period of use specified in your visa.
The maximum duration of your stay in Switzerland is specified in your visa.
You may not take up employment during your stay in Switzerland nor take up studies exceeding a period of three months without the required permit.
Visa Application

As of 20 June 2011, all visa applicants must have an appointment to submit their visa application at the Consulate General. One appointment will be allocated per person, for example, if families of five are applying for visas, then 5 appointments must be made.

There are a limited number of daily appointments. You may book your appointments in advance.

Step 1
An appointment may be scheduled through the website. Each applicant is required to provide the name as in the passport, the passport number, mobile phone number and e-mail address. Once the appointment time and date is confirmed a letter will be generated with an appointment reference number for each applicant.

Step 2
The charge for this service is AED 50.00 (Fifty dirham) per application. Payment must be made via the secure payment on the website for an immediate appointment confirmation. In return you will be given a Visa Appointment and Receipt.

Step 3
Arrive at the World Trade Centre no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time and present the confirmation receipt on Level 22 to the Security Guard