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Additional Services

The services mentioned here are optional. To use them, you will need to pay an extra fee in addition to the visa application fee. You must pay this extra fee in cash when you attend the visa application centre only.

Online data entry service (New!)

This facility is available for an additional fee of HKD 300 (per application) including the supporting documents upload. Service charge will include upload of any subsequent documents as per the request of the Australian High Commission / Embassy Only.

Courier service

The AVAC can courier the Australian Consulate-General decision on your visa application and documents back to you for an extra fee as below.

HK– HKD 60 (max weight 500g)
Macau/China – HKD 280 (max weight 500g)
*Taiwan - HKD 280 (max weight 500g)
*Please enquire about this service when you submit your visa application at one of the AVAC service desks. Please note the actual cost of international courier to Macau or Taiwan may vary depending on the total weight of the returning documents.

Photograph service

Applicants using this service can have their photograph taken at the AVAC. This will ensure that the photographs meet the Australian Consulate specifications. This service can be bought for an extra fee of HKD 60 per applicant.

Photocopying documents

There is a photocopying service at the visa application centre for a fee of HKD 2 for each A4 sheet.

Document Printing

You can get printouts of your document which you need to submit along with the application for HKD 2.

Assisted Form filling service

Applicants using this service can have the application form completed by an AVAC staff. This service can be bought for an extra fee of HKD 150 per applicant.

Online data entry for student application

Online data entry service for student application is for applicants who need assistance in completing their online application. This service will allow VFS dedicated staff to complete the application form on the behalf of applicants. Please contact us for details.

Original Sighted Document

Your photocopy documents can be original sighted in the Visa Application Centre for HKD 10 per page.

ETA - Assisted Terminal

The AVAC can provide assistance to visa applicants for completing an ETA application form at the VAC as an optional service. For eligibility criteria, please click here.

  • The cost for this service is HKD 150 - per applicant.
  • NB: You will need your passport, an email address and a credit card to pay the ETA fee online..

Walk-In Appointment Fee

With effect from 01 November 2017, it will be mandatory to have an appointment for the submission of visa applications or enrolment of Biometrics at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Hong Kong.

Click here for more details.

Visa Decision Letter – Courier Return Service

This service allows a mandatory courier return of the decision letters for applicants who do not provide the email ID to receive their visa decisions electronically. Applicants can no longer visit the centre to collect their visa decisions in person. The applicable courier charges will be collected at the time of acceptance of their application.

Courier rates are as per approved rates for the country of operation.