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Additional Services


Additional services given on this page are provided by the Visa Application Centre and the prices given are in addition to the service fee. These additional services can be purchased at the Visa Application Centre while submitting your application.

At the Croatian Visa Application Centre you can find the following additional services:

  • Photo booth service – . INR 155 /- for 5 photos
  • Photocopying service – INR 5 /- per page
  • SMS service to track your passport – . INR 333 /- per applicant
  • Courier Return of Processed Passport - Rs. INR 500 /- per application
  • 2 way courier – /- INR 833/- per application
  • Premium Lounge – 2667 /- per application

Important note: Your visa application will be processed and decided by the Embassy of Croatia, New Delhi. Use of the Premium Service Lounge does not affect the processing time of your application. All applicants will be required to follow the instructions on applying for a visa, which can be found on the ‘Home Page’ on this website.