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Additional Services

Overview (fees)

All service fees mentioned below (inclusive of VAT) are charged in addition to the applicable visa fee.

Photocopy £ 0.20/photocopy
Print Service £ 0.50/printout
Photo Booth £ 10.00 for 6 passport-size photos
SMS £ 1.95
Courier £ 16.95/envelope
Courier Assurance £ 3.00/envelope
Premium Service £ 60.00/applicant (includes Photocopy, Printouts, Photo Booth, , Courier and SMS fees)
Document Checks service £25 per application
Form Filling Assistance £15 per application
Prime time appointment £25 per appointment


Availability to make photocopies of any required (original) document with the visa application centre’s Photocopier (operating with coins).

Print Service

Availability to take printouts of online bookings, emails or any other document in our Business centre.

Photo Booth

Passport-size photographs can be obtained in the visa application centre’s Photo Booth (operating with notes).


In order to inform the applicant about the visa application status during the entire visa application life cycle, SMS service sends automated confirmation feedback messages to applicant’s mobile phone and automated email messages to applicant’s email address.

Please also read the SMS Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.


Using the Courier Service allows applicants to have their Passport/Travel document returned by Special Delivery; here VFS uses the services of the private courier company DX to any delivery address in the United Kingdom chosen by the applicant. This can be purchased at the time of the visa application submission and you will receive a DX reference number, which can be tracked on the courier company’s website ( in order to obtain an update about the courier process at any given time.

Courier Assurance

This is an optional service which is an add-on to return courier. This Service offers applicants an option of an enhanced compensation in case of damage or loss in transit during document transportation.

Premium Service

VFS is pleased to offer a Premium Service in the Visa Application Centre for applicants who would like a higher quality and more personalised service; every applicant can opt for this service during their visit to our Visa Application Centre at any given time, simply by informing a VFS staff member.

Please find below the services offered:

  • Direct access to a Premium Service counter where an agent will verify the documents provided, and take payment in a single location
  • Cold and hot beverages available at your disposal
  • A dedicated team member assisting during the submission process
  • Free photocopies, printouts, Photo Booth, SMS and Courier service The option of submitting any missing documents before 4.00 PM the same day;

Please note that the Premium Service does not guarantee the right to obtain a visa, nor faster processing of your visa application by the Mission.

Application and Document Checks service - Have your completed application and paperwork checked by VFS staff before vising VAC.

Customers who have completed and printed their application form can pay an additional fee to have the form checked by VFS staff. As part of the service they will check that all the questions have been answered, and that required mandatory documents have been submitted.

If VFS staff find that there are missing documents, customers will have the option to submit these by email with in three working days.

Using the ‘Application and document checks’ service does not imply or guarantee that application will be successful.

The service costs an additional 25 GBP (all applicable taxes included). If you want to avail this service please fill the application form and scan all the documents mentioned in the checklist. Send it on and we will respond to you within 24 hours. The payment will be collected over phone before proceeding with application check.

Form Filling Assistance over phone and at Visa application centre.

This service provides customers with assistance in filling out the visa application form either over phone or at the visa application centre.. Our trained staff will make the application on your behalf over the phone. To avail these services please write to us on with your phone number. We will arrange a convenient time to either help you over phone or allow you with a manual appointment to fill the application. The service costs an additional 15 GBP (all applicable taxes included)

Please note that staff will not be able to answer questions on the customer’s behalf, or fill in answers based on assumptions.

Prime time appointment

The Prime time appointment service is mainly aimed to facilitate working professional and business executives who would prefer to apply at the convenient time without waiting. .

In order to avail these services please write to us on with your phone number. We will arrange a convenient time and provide you a manual appointment. Applicants are requested to bring print of this email and present at the security desk. The service costs an additional 25 GBP (all applicable taxes included)