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Long Term/ Residence Permit


“From 01 July 2019, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark including all Danish diplomatic missions are introducing online payment of the embassy fee for residence or work permit.

The embassy fee should be paid online using this link

The receipt for the payment should be submitted at the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS) when you hand in your passport, relevant documentation and supply biometrics. Please note that in R/W permit cases there are three fees to be paid. 1) The fee to either The Danish Immigration Service or The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), 2) the fee to the Danish embassy (using the link and 3) the fee to the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS).”

Residence and work permit application procedure at The Denmark Embassy in Mexico City

This site provides information on procedures applicable to all nationals who wish to apply for Residence and Work permit for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Application procedure

The VFS Global Denmark Visa Application Centre in Mexico City will accept all long term applications from all nationals and their dependents:

VFS Global will submit all such applications to The Denmark Embassy in Mexico City

For Submission and Collection timings, please click here

When you come to the VFS Global Denmark visa application centre to deliver a residence/ work permit application, you will need to have your biometric data recorded.

Every applicant who is submitting a residence permit application must attend the visa application centre in person. Children of less than 6 years need to attend, but are not required to have fingerprints or signature recorded, only a photograph


Visa Fees

Denmark: Applications for Residence, Study permit or Work Permit (Must be paid at the Denmark’s embassy website)
Norway: Applications for Residence, Study Permit or Work Permit



VFS service fee (inclusive of VAT) is charged per visa application. You can do the visa payment in our offices

For the charges that are presented at the visa application center, they can be paid by credit or debit card at the visa application center.

IMPORTANT: All fees are non-refundable. We do not accept American Express card.

Documents Required

There is a wide variety of application forms. The applicant is responsible for selecting the form and submitting the documents requested in it. Visit the Danish Migration Service to read the information on each type of application and its requirements

If you have already filled out your application form and have already made the online payment by obtaining your Case Order ID from the Danish Migration Service, you can now request an appointment at VFS.

If you applied with ONLINE application form you must submit in VFS:

  • Online payment receipt with Case Order Id
  • Application voucher with online form
  • Original passport with at least three months of validity after the end of your residence period
  • Color copies of the entire passport including the cover (cartola or tapas)

If you applied with a printable application form (which you can fill out by hand) you must submit in VFS:

  • Online payment receipt with Case Order Id
  • Completed and signed application form
  • Support documents indicated on your application form (check which are in the form's check list)
  • Original passport with at least three months of validity after the end of your residence period
  • Color copies of the entire passport including the cover (cartola or tapas)

Links of interest:

Photo Specifications


Please provide one recent colour photograph (not more than 6 months old) of yourself, meeting the following requirements:

  • Taken against a light (white or off-white) background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
  • Clear quality and with the face in focus
  • Full face: non-smiling, no sunglasses, no hat/cap or any head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of his/her religious belief or ethnic background
  • Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print)
  • Photograph attached (glued) to the Visa Application Form

If the photographs presented do not meet these requirements, then the visa application will be considered incomplete and applicant will be asked to take new photographs in the photo booth in the visa application centre.

Processing Time

Once all procedures are completed, the pickup of the decision on your application or passport must be coordinated with the company VFS Global.

Once the embassy receives the decision made in Denmark by the migration services about your application, VFS will contact you to pick up your passport, or we will send it to you by Courier at home if you have requested that service.

The processing times will depend on your type of visa, you can check the times here:

Download Form

You must select the application form according to the purpose of your residence in Denmark. Keep in mind that you will find a wide range of application form options at