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Additional Services

Overview (fees)

All service fees mentioned below (inclusive of VAT) are charged in addition to the applicable visa fee.

Online Form Filling/Payment/Appointment Support $111.20 MXN
Courier Return of Passports $222.64 MXN/Envelope
Photocopy $4.04 MXN
SMS $30.36 MXN
Postal Application $702.38
Photography $141.68 MXN


Availability to make photocopies of any required (original) document with the visa application centre’s Photocopier


In order to inform the applicant about the visa application status during the entire visa application life cycle, SMS service sends automated confirmation feedback messages to applicant’s mobile phone and automated email messages to applicant’s email address.

Please also read the SMS Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.


Availability to obtain passport size photographs (4)


Using the Courier Service allows applicants to have their Passport returned by Special Delivery; VFS uses the services of the private courier company DHL to any delivery address in Mexico chosen by the applicant. Please note this service is not for International deliveries, prices published apply for deliveries only within Mexico. This service can be purchased at the time of the visa application submission and you will receive a DHL reference number, which can be tracked on the courier company’s website in order to obtain an update about the courier process at any given time after the decision process has been finished and your passport is in transit.