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Additional Services

Premium Lounge Service

For those applicants who wish to pay extra for that personal touch and enhanced Customer Experience, this service will guarantee you one-to-one attention with a dedicated member of staff who will guide you to a separate waiting area. Here, your application will be dealt with in stylish surroundings with refreshments available. Your visa application form will be completed for you. We will also undertake any photocopying of documents that you may require. Your time is precious, and your entire experience will be one of speed, efficiency and the level of Customer Experience you demand. Once returned from the Embassy your passport will be couriered (upon request only) to your home or office. You may can simply present yourself at the reception/information desk and ask for the 'Premium Service'. There is an additional fee of OMR 30 to avail this service.

SMS Services: (Disclaimer)

At VFS Global, we constantly strive to offer a range of hi-end services to enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our constant and ongoing endeavour to add value to applicants' experience, it is our privilege to offer the latest hi-tech SMS service, an express route to know the status of your visa application at your fingertips.

Easy to use, this revolutionary SMS service once purchased will launch an automated confirmation feedback message to the applicant's mobile phone, at various stages of the visa application life-cycle. The service supports transfer of SMS in [English/Arabic] and assures an applicant of his/her equanimity, with convenience at their fingertip. Additionally, this user-friendly service will be followed up with an automated email message to the applicants email id informing them of the status of their Visa Application.

Explore the goodness of this valuable service for OMR 1.00 which can be purchased during the time of submission of the visa application form. Accordingly, the same can be filled before visiting the application center, by visiting our website and downloading the form in the comfort of one's home

Note: read the SMS Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.

Passport Courier Pass Back Service:

The VAC will courier your passport back to you at your doorstep for an extra fee OMR 6.00. Ask for this service when you submit your application at one of our service desks.

Courier Assurance:

Courier Assurance is an optional add-on to return courier shipments. If the application is lost or damaged while in transit, applicants will not be required to submit receipts to substantiate their claims. Once confirmation of damage/loss is received from the courier service provider, the applicant can claim the USD 500 as a guaranteed reimbursement. Courier Assurance is a 'No questions asked cover of USD 500.

Explore the goodness of this valuable service for OMR 2.500

Form Filling:

Our staff will help in filling up the visa application form at our Premium Lounge. If you wish to have this service, you should inform reception/information desk when you arrive at the VAC. Separately, you may can avail this service and this will charge you OMR 5.00.

Documents - Photocopy / Fax / Email service:

If you advise our service staff that you need photocopies of certain recommended supporting documentation, our staff will take copies for you for a fee of OMR 0.200 Baisa per page and you may can utilize the service to send your document via e-mail/fax which will charge you OMR

Services Provided Oman
Premium Lounge 30.00 OMR
Passport delivery to any Home/Business addresses through Courier 6.00 OMR
Courier Assurance 2.500 OMR
Photo booth service 4.200 OMR (4 Pcs)
Photocopying service 0.200 OMR (Per Pg.)
SMS service to track your passport 1.00 OMR
Form Filling service 5.00 OMR
E-Mail Service/Fax (per page) 0.200 OMR (Per Pg.)