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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a correction to my visa application in ApplyVisa?

    Once you have paid the application fee, it is no longer possible make changes to your application online. Please indicate the correction on the paper copy of your cover letter that you sign and hand in at the visa application centre or consulate. Please use a red pen so that the changes will be noticeable. You will also need to let the staff know that you made the correction.

  • I cannot download my cover letter or receipt in ApplyVisa

    If you made a payment reservation, but the status of your visa application is still ‘Select fee’, please make another payment reservation, making sure to click the ‘Next’ button.

    When you click ‘Next’, your payment reservation will be registered and the status of your application will be updated.

    In addition to this, the cover letter and the receipt will be created and ready for print.

    If you have made more than one payment reservation to cover one visa application, please send your reference number found at the top of the cover letter to Support via 'Contact' in the left menu when you are logged in.

  • When I print my cover letter, it appears blank

    Please do the following:

    • Make sure you are using one of the following web browsers Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
    • Clear your browser history and delete all cookies.
    • Make sure your browser is not blocking pop-up windows. The pop-up blocker is visible in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Make sure you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat on your computer.
    • Try to download your cover letter again.
  • When should I hand in my Schengen visa application?

    Planning ahead and handing in the application as soon as possible is always a good idea since unforeseen problems, such as incomplete documentation, may arise and prolong the case processing time. However, a visa application cannot be accepted if handed in more than 3 months before the intended departure.

  • How long can I remain in the Schengen area if I hold a short-term Schengen visa?

    A visa normally grants you the right to stay in the entire Schengen region for a maximum of 90 days within a 6-month period. These periods begin when you first enter the Schengen area.

  • Can I travel with a visa issued in my old/expired passport?

    In principle you can travel with visa issued in expired passport. However the Embassy and Consulates recommends that the applicant has the visa transferred to the new passport at the representation, where it was issued to avoid any problems when travelling.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes. Proof of health insurance is to be submitted along with your visa application. The following three items must be covered by the insurance:

    1. repatriation for medical reasons;
    2. urgent medical attention;
    3. emergency hospital treatment.

    With a minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR. It is preferable that the minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 is not divided up into the abovementioned items. However, if this is the case, the minimum sum insured for each item should as a main rule be EUR 10,000. Importantly, the insurance must cover the effective period that you stay in Denmark/Schengen.

  • My application was sent to the Danish Immigration Service. Why?

    There may by various reasons for this. Each application is evaluated individually.

  • I received my visa, but how do I read the sticker?

    It is crucial that you check the information on the sticker before travelling as the Danish mission cannot be held liable if a mistake has occurred when printing the visa sticker. How to read your sticker here.

  • There is a difference between the number of days in my sticker and the total period of stay (from..until). How long can I stay in Schengen?

    You are allowed to stay in Schengen for the number of days in the field 'DURATION OF STAY………DAYS'. The period 'FROM - UNTIL' is longer to allow flexibility regarding entry and exit within the mentioned period in case of emergency. So the total stay must never exceed the number of days in 'DURATION OF STAY………DAYS'.

  • I am a family member of a EU/EEA/Swiss citizen. What rules apply for me?

    Family members of an EU/EEA citizen or Swiss citizen who is exercising his/her right to free movement in Denmark have the right to have their visa application processed in accordance with EU regulations. For more details-click here

  • Am I allowed to work in the Schengen area if I hold a short-term Schengen visa?

    No. A visa does not allow you to take up employment or establish a business, trade or profession in the Schengen region. However, during visits of less than 3 months you may carry out certain work-related activities without holding a work permit. More information is available on the website of the Danish Immigration Service about visas and work permits.

  • I already hold a valid Schengen visa (have not used up all the days on the visa), but wish to apply for a complement new visa. What do I do?

    You must submit a normal application for a new visa at the embassy of the issuing country.

  • May I buy the flight ticket in advance?

    We do not recommend you to buy the flight ticket in advance, the flight ticket should be bought only after the visa has been issued.

  • I am going to Greenland and/or Faroe Islands?

    When you hand in your visa application at VFS, please inform the staff that you will be travelling Greenland and/or the Faroe Islands. Visa applications for Greenland and the Faroe Islands can only be handled at Danish missions.