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You can be granted a residence permit in order to function as an au pair with a host family in Denmark.

It is your own responsibility to obtain a residence permit if you are required to.

The purpose of an au pair stay

The term au pair means 'on equal terms'. The idea of an au pair stay is for a young person to stay with a host family with children under the age of 18 'on equal terms' with the other members of the family. The purpose is for the au pair to improve language and/or professional skills as well as broaden his/her cultural horizon by becoming more acquainted with Denmark. In return, the au pair participates in the host family's domestic chores (e.g. cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, babysitting) for a maximum of five hours a day, and no more than six days a week.

If your chores exceed these time limits, or if you carry out work other than domestic chores, or carry out chores for someone other than your host family, then you are working illegally in Denmark.


You may be granted a residence permit for up to 24 months, but no longer than the duration of your au pair contract.

If you have been granted a residence permit as an au pair for less than 24 months, and you apply for an extension, you may continue as an au pair while the Immigration Service is processing your application, provided that you are with the same host family and that the conditions for your stay remain unchanged.

If you wish to begin with a new family, you may not do so before you have been granted a new residence permit.

Family members

As an au pair, you cannot normally bring your family to Denmark.

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Visa Fees

  • From 01.01.2011 the Danish Immigration Service has introduced service fees for handling applications for some types of work and residence permits. For more information please click here.
  • There is a service charge of 1840 RUB (inclusive of VAT) levied per application over and above the visa fees.
  • The fees are non-refundable.
  • To pay the visa fee, please, visit Instruction on making the payment can be found¬† here.

Documents Required

Please visit the official web portal of the Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, where you can find all the information regarding the list of required documents

and process of applying for a residence permit to Denmark:

It is both possible to hand in all original documents or submit the application online at the web-site of the Ministry.

In case you have submitted your application for residence permit online you must obtain your biometrics within 14 days after submitting the documents. You also have to print the automatic confirmation that the application is submitted online.

Then you should make an appointment with our visa centre, for student ST1 and au-pair AU1 applications you also have to proceed an interview directly at the Embassy in Moscow

To make an appointment for application's submission, please use appointment module "Schedule an appointment" presented on this website, to schedule an appointment for an interview at the Embassy please call the VFS Visa Centre in Moscow - +7 (495) 269-22-00, between 10:00-14:00, Monday-Wednesday

You have to bring the following documents:

  1. Original passport
  2. It is your decision whether to hand in your original passport when submitting the documents or later when the decision is already taken. You must present your original passport at VFS when submitting the documents so VFS can make a notice that the original passport was seen, then you can keep it without handing it to the Visa Center and only submit it later after the Embassy informs you that the decision is taken.

  3. Full copy each page in colour of original passport
  4. Case Order ID payment confirmation printed out ( NB: XG1 volunteers applications and applications for Faroe Islands/Greenland are exempted)
  5. Consular fee payment confirmation printed out
  6. Confirmation printed out if the documents are submitted online
  7. In case you have submitted your application for residence permit online you must obtain your biometrics within 14 days after submitting the documents. You also have to print the automatic confirmation that the application is submitted online.

The Embassy underline that all three payments have to be paid upon res permit applications: Case order id, consular fee and service fee.

Note: Color copies of all documents need to be submitted. All documents should be in English or Danish language.

Schedule an Appointment

For scheduling an appointment to submit your application at the Visa Centre please call +7 (499) 350-78-72, +7 (499) 704-30-04  between 09:00 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday except holidays.

After submitting the application at the Visa Centre you will be required to appear for an interview with a visa officer at the Embassy of Denmark, Moscow between 1400 -1500 hours the same day.

Online Application Form

- Register your visa application online and book an appointment with VFS

After completing the visa application form and paying visa fee online, you must book an appointment to submit your documents at VFS by clicking here. Make sure to bring along all the required documents and hand in supporting documents at the Visa Application Centre.