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Residence and Work Permits

“From 01 July 2019, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark including all Danish diplomatic missions are introducing online payment of the embassy fee for residence or work permit.

The embassy fee should be paid online using this link

The receipt for the payment should be submitted at the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS) when you hand in your passport, relevant documentation and supply biometrics. Please note that in R/W permit cases there are three fees to be paid. 1) The fee to either The Danish Immigration Service or The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), 2) the fee to the Danish embassy (using the link and 3) the fee to the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS).”

If you are a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA, you must hold a residence and work permit in order to reside and work in Denmark.

All Residence and Work Permits applications must be submitted in person at the Joint Visa Application centres in London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

Applicants for Residence and Work Permit prepare and submit their application as per their own discretion using all available information in the respective links below.

VFS is not entitled to advise, assist or influence applicants in regards with their applications.

Detailed information on the categories of Residence and Work permit and which one to apply for can be found on below websites: