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Track your application

Applicants can always track their visa application status, i.e. the part of the visa process done by VFS and not the Embassy, online as follows:

  1. Click Tracking Link
  2. Enter Reference number (can be found on receipt: LOAC/DDMMYY/00XX/0X – London; MANC/DDMMYY/00XX/0X – Manchester; EDIN/DDMMYY/00XX/0X – Edinburgh)
  3. Enter Last Name
  4. Enter the 2 words/numbers (appearing in Captcha Box) and Submit

VFS also provides a SMS service (see Additional Services), which notifies the applicant automatically about the visa application status and any change in the status during the visa application process.

Once visa application status shows that the passport is ready for collection, then applicants can come and collect their passport during Passport Collection time.

Alternatively VFS offers a Courier Service (see Additional Service) for applicants unable to collect their passport in person during the Passport Collection time.

Participate in the European consultation on the digitalization of the Visa Process

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