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Medical Reasons


It is possible to get a visa if you want to receive a specific medical treatment in the destination country.

Visa Fees

Visa Type Euro
Visa fee normal (all types) 80
Visa fee reduced (children 6-11) 40
No fee (diplomatic passport or service passport holders and Children Below 6) 0

There is a VFS Service Charge inclusive VAT, be collected mandatorily for per application:

  • HCMC – 293,000 VND service fee
  • Hanoi – 293,000 VND service fee

For applicants’ convenience, VFS provides additional services to support applicants in the process of their visa application with VFS. Please “click here

VFS Global service charges and other additional fees are to be paid by cash or credit/debit card and only in VND at VFS center.

All fees are non-refundable.

Important Note:

  • From the 01 July 2019, all applicants who require short term visas to Denmark must fill in their visa application and pay the visa fee online using After you have applied and paid the visa fee online, you must print and sign the cover letter from ApplyVisa and hand in supporting documents and supply biometrics at The Denmark Visa Application Centre.

Documents Required

Please click here for Documents required

Important Noted: All documents must be in one-side A4 paper and NO staples, pins

  • Complete the online Schengen visa application form, pay the visa fee by credit/debit card via After making the payment on Applyvisa the applicant will receive a cover letter to their email, who is to be printed, signed and handed in to VFS together with the rest of the application documents. It is strongly recommended to complete the form using the online portal instead of the paper format.
  • One copy of passport or official travel document. The passport must be issued within the last 10 years with a validity that exceeds the end of your intended stay by at least three months. The passport must have at least 2 blank pages to affix the visa. Copy of previous visas (Schengen, US, UK, Canada, or Australia) is also requested to submit.
  • One accurate & recent passport photo . The size must be 35x45mm, and the size of the head from top to chin between 30-36mm. Photos that don't comply with these criteria will be refused.
  • Proof of financial means:
    Original bank account statements (company or individual) on the turnover during the last three months.

    In addition:

    • If the applicant is employed:

      • the last three payslips,
      • labour contract or recent employer statement
      • approval for holidays are required
    • If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed: certificate of registrations of the company * and statement of taxes payment are required.
    • If the applicant is retired: Pension statement is required.

    Other means

    • Remittances, credit cards, regular incomes generated by property can be also submitted.
  • If the applicant is sponsored and/or host in a private accommodation:

    • Invitation/guarantee letter
    • Copy of passport or national identification card of the sponsor/host in Denmark
    • if the sponsor/host is foreigner, a copy of permanent residence permit is also required.
    • Bank account statements on the turnover during the last three months of the sponsor/host when its/his/her financial means are not proven otherwise.
  • Proof of lodging: Hotel reservation, rental of holiday home, campus residence reservation.
  • One copy of household registration record*.
  • Certificate from a medical doctor and/or a medical institution confirming the need of specific medical treatment to be received in the destination country.
  • An official document of the receiving medical institution confirming that it can perform the specific medical treatment and the patient will be accepted accordingly.
  • Proof of pre-payment of the treatment.
  • Any other correspondence between the sending medical doctor and the receiving hospitals, if available.
  • Travel medical insurance covering the entire period of intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgency medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during your stay (minimum coverage EUR 30 000).

When visa is granted, copy of revised travel insurance (if any) must be presented to the Embassy.

Note: Official documents marked with * must be recent (maximum 3 months old) and legalised by the competent local authority and must be translated (translation legalised) in an office language of the Embassy or Consulate where the application is lodged or in another language accepted by the Embassy or Consulate

Photo Specifications


After the Embassy has installed a new system for scanning biometrics, including photographs for visa applications, it is now only possible to lodge a photograph of size 35 x 45 mm. Length of the head should not exceed 30 to 36 mm in length from chin to top of hair.

The photograph must still be in color with bright background.

Danish Visa Application Centre has been instructed by The Royal Danish Embassy to inform applicants that the visa application is not acceptable if the photograph does not comply with the above format.

Applicants may therefore obtain a new photograph that meets all requirements before The Danish Visa Application Centre can receive the application.

For further information see the print on the information board at The Danish Visa Application Centre or visit website

Processing Time

Bona fide cases (Approved by the Embassy) – normally 15 calendar days, for a fully completed application with proper documentation which is handed in at the VFS Visa Application Centre. Please hand in your application well in advance during peak season.

Cases for Danish Immigration Service (DIS) – See the processing time in and add 3-5 working days of processing time at the Embassy.

The processing period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days in individual cases, notably if further scrutiny of the application is needed or in cases of representation where the authorities of the represented Schengen State are consulted.

Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

Citizens of certain countries or categories of certain citizens are subject to prior consultation in one or more Schengen countries before a visa may be issued. The processing time in these cases will usually be 10-12 days as a minimum. See list of these nationalities and categories of persons (annex 16 to the Visa code Handbook).


Online Application Form

Online Visa Application Form. Please click here.

Instructions to complete an Online Form. Please click here.

Important information:

  • From 1st of June 2019 applicants, who has made an appointment with VFS to submit their visa application to Denmark, Lithuania or Iceland should fill in the application form and pay the visa fee by credit/debit card via After making the payment on Applyvisa the applicant will receive a cover letter to their email, who is to be printed, signed and handed in to VFS together with the rest of the application documents.  
  • will, according to the plan, have completely replaced the current manual hard copy application forms and the current Visa Self Service portal ( by 1st of July 2019.
  • The visaselfservice website, and the manual application forms, will in some cases still be accepted for a transition period between 1st of June and 1st of July 2019 after which, the Visaselfservice will be disabled and the manual application forms no longer accepted. Applicants is then required to solely use to complete the visa form and pay the visa fee online though