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Applicants do need to schedule an appointment to the Denmark Visa Application Centre in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

If required, applicants would be called for an Interview directly by the Embassy in Hanoi. They do not need to visit the Visa Application Centre.

Please click here to schedule an appointment. You may click here to refer instruction for making appointment, or please call us via phone number: +8428 3 5212002 for further assistance.

Note: One appointment is valid for one applicant only. In case you arrive in a group, kindly book the required number of appointments corresponding to the number of applicants.


  • From the 01 July 2019, you must fill in your visa application and pay the application fee online using After you have applied and paid the visa fee online, you must print the cover letter from ApplyVisa and hand in supporting documents at the Visa Application Centre.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark have launched a new online visa application form called Applyvisa ( From 01 June 2019 applicants, who has made an appointment with VFS to submit their visa application to Denmark, Lithuania or Iceland should fill in the application form and pay the visa fee by credit/debit card via The visaselfservice website, and the manual application forms, will in some cases still be accepted for a transition period between 01 June and 01 July 2019 after which, the Visaselfservice will be disabled and the manual application forms no longer accepted. Applicants is then required to solely use to complete the visa form and pay the visa fee online though After making the payment on Applyvisa the applicant will receive a cover letter to their email, who is to be printed, signed and handed in to VFS together with the rest of the application documents.