Schedule an Appointment

Every visa applicant, including children/ infants, has to come and submit his/ her visa application by appointment only.

It is advised to book a visa application appointment as soon as applicants know they will be travelling, allowing enough time for the Embassy to process the visa application (see Processing Time under the various visa categories) and taking in consideration the days that VFS offices and/ or the German Embassy in Jakarta may be closed (see Public Holidays/Closures).

Applicants wishing to submit a Schengen visa application for Germany (for Tourism/ Medical Treatment, Visit, Business trips/ Trade Fairs and Transit Seaman) or National Visa for Seaman category should book their appointment through Germany Visa Application Centre – click here.

Please find the following additional information on the application process for Schengen visa on the website of the German Embassy in Jakarta:

For any application for a long term visa with an intended stay of more than 90 days please contact the German Embassy in Jakarta directly at because VFS does not handle applications for a long term stay (=national visa) for Germany. VFS handles visa long term for Seaman purpose only.