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FOR SHORT STAY (Stay up to 90 days)

It is advised to book a visa application appointment as soon as applicants know they will be travelling, allowing enough time for the Mission to process the visa application (see Processing Time under the various visa categories) and taking in consideration the days that VFS offices and /or the Mission may be closed (see Public Holidays/Closures).

Applications for short stay visas are accepted at the Visa Application Centre through prior appointments.

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Attention to all Seafarers: Please be informed that when booking appointments, kindly use the allocated slots for Seafarers regardless of whether you will be attending a business related trip or joining your assigned vessel in Germany. Otherwise, the VFS Visa Application Centre for Germany may not be able to accommodate you if you have booked an appointment under an incorrect category.

The visa fees must be paid in cash at the Visa Application Centre at the time of application submission.

Each individual requires a separate appointment and will submit a separate application. For example, if a family or group of five is applying for visas, then 5 appointments must be made.

Appointments are in high demand; applicants are requested to arrange well in advance of their visa appointment.

“In order to ensure convenience of all our customers, we request applicants to visit the Visa Application Center at their given time as scheduled in the appointment letter. Delay in appearing at the Visa application may result in appointment getting lapsed and fresh appointments will be required using our online appointment system.

Please email us at in case you face any issues while scheduling your appointment with the following details:

  • Name
  • Passport number
  • Contact number

Rescheduling an appointment:

You are allowed to reschedule your appointment twice and up to 2 working days prior to your scheduled date.

Further change in date will be considered as a fresh appointment and a new service charge will be applicable.

Cancelling an appointment:

If you wish to cancel your appointment, the service charges cannot be refunded. Appointments can be cancelled only 2 days prior to the scheduled date.

In order to make a new appointment and a service charge payment will be applicable.

Terms and conditions

The service charges are non-refundable in the following situations and a new appointment will have to be scheduled:

  • If you miss your appointment on the scheduled date
  • If you are delayed for your appointment and cannot be accommodated on the same day
  • If your application is incomplete as per the guidelines and the application cannot be accepted
  • If you decide not to proceed with the application
  • If you cancel your appointment

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